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What is Silk Lash? How is it applied? (Tricks)

In this article, we explain what you need to know about permanent silk eyelashes, which are increasingly popular among women. Silk eyelashes are hairs that are added to one's own eyelashes. The eyelash application, which is preferred more by people with thin, sparse, straight and light eyelashes, makes the person's eyelashes look more prominent and fuller.

How to Make Silk Eyelashes?

The density of eyelashes is determined according to the request and taste of the person. The person who wants to have silk permanent eyelashes should definitely not have make-up on his face. 2 bristles are added to the eyelashes of the person who wants to look natural and they are glued on their own eyelashes. For the person who wants medium density, 4 eyelashes are attached to one eyelash. For people who want a dense eyelash look, 10 eyelashes are attached to one eyelash. People who want to use silk permanent eyelashes for a long time should go to care in 2-3 weeks.

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Silk eyelash application

Silk lashes make them look longer and voluminous. mascaraor not needed. If the person does not have his own eyelashes, eyelashes cannot be applied afterwards. Among the types of silk eyelashes, there are models such as cat eye and almond eye.

Silk What are the Tips for Eyelashes?

Before applying silk eyelashes, you need to know what to pay attention to and the details of the process. Because knowing what is necessary or what you need to do in the process of silk processing on eyelashes directly affects the result of the process. In order to get positive results, you should pay attention to the tricks.

  1. If the person has make-up, it must be removed first.
  2. Cleaning should be done.
  3. Then, tape is attached to the lower lashes and silk is applied to the lashes one by one.
  4. Care should be taken to keep the room temperature at 25 degrees in order for the adhesive to hold onto the eyelashes securely.
  5. Since the application is a process that takes 1-2 hours, it is important for the person to keep their eyes closed.

Before and After Silk Lashes

silk eyelashes
before and after silk eyelashes

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What Should Be Considered After Silk Lash Application?

What should be known about the application of silk eyelashes and what to do afterwards should definitely be considered. Otherwise, it is possible to deal with the problem of shedding of eyelashes.

  1. It is necessary to be careful not to touch the eyelash with water immediately after the silk eyelash application is finished.
  2. Eye rubbing and solarium are strictly prohibited.
  3. You should not be in environments such as saunas and baths.
  4. You should not take a shower with water that is hot enough to steam.
  5. Oil-based and make-up remover creams, eye creams should not be applied to the bottom of the eyelashes.
  6. You should not use mascara.

Frequently Asked Questions About Silk Lash

How to Care for Silk Eyelashes?

Eyelash care should be done every 2-3 weeks. For this, you should go to the aesthetic - beauty salon where you have silk eyelashes applied.

Are Silk Lashes Permanent?

When it is done by professionals, it can last up to 6 months.

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