Two-Person Yoga Movements (with Visual Expression)

dual yoga moves
2 person yoga moves

You may want to work with your partner to enjoy yoga and get deeper into the poses. If you do not feel comfortable and balanced in a pose, you can get support from your partner or try different poses together. Yoga is a fun and relaxing physical activity as it includes poses suitable for all levels and people. At the same time, it teaches individuals to breathe correctly and to direct the breath, as it is an activity that can harmonize the breath and the body. Some people like more active one-person yoga moves, while others do slower yoga poses with their partner. two person yoga moves enjoys it.

Types of yoga that are active and work all body muscles vinyasa yoga, power yoga, hatha yoga, flov yogais. However, if the person is doing it mostly to stretch their body and relax yin yoga ve yoga therapy prefers. While yoga works the active body, it also stretches and provides regional elongation. You can practice yoga sometimes in a one-man yoga position, sometimes in the whole flow. 2 person yoga moves You can apply it holistically in harmony with your partner.

What Are Two-Person Yoga Movements?

made for two acro yoga Individuals need to practice actively and engage in movements easily so that examples can be made easily. Here are some easy two-person yoga moves that anyone can do:

Back to Back Double Chair Pose

One of the two people should settle into a chair pose. The soles of the feet should be firmly on the ground, the knees should not be bent. Place the coccyx inwards and the inner legs towards each other. The partner who goes behind the person should also sit in the chair pose and get support. Also, the arms are up, in the middle of the chest, or on the knees. The gaze should be opposite or above.

double chair pose yoga
Yoga chair pose for two

Sitting Cow Pose

It is one of the cat-cow warm-up moves. It is also among the easy yoga movements for two people. Individuals should sit across from each other and be cross-legged. People should actively hold their arms above the elbows. As you breathe out, you should move your chest up and press your hips towards the floor. As you exhale, the shoulder blades should expand. with partner couple yoga moves Being in sync for the pose supports the rhythm.

sitting cat cow pose
double sitting cat cow pose

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Two-Person Plank Position

This move is actually between two difficult yoga moves. This is because the plank has abdominal strength, coordination and enough thrust. First of all, a person should get into plank pose and push the ground well with hands and feet. In fact, the abdomen and hips should not be down, they should be active. While holding the ankles of his friend with his hands, the partner should place his feet on the shoulders and distribute his weight over his whole body. Thus, he should carry himself without burdening his partner.

yoga move plank for two
Dual yoga movement plank

Lie on Partner's Back

First, a person should sit cross-legged or fold their feet forward in a long way. As far as he can go, he should approach his feet with the stomach first, then the chest, head last. The partner should sit with his back to fill the partner's waist. In this dual yoga movement, if the partner is not very closed, he should give his weight gradually.

dual yoga movement
Double yoga stretch back stretch

Two-Man High Move

The high lunge pose is an easy two-person yoga move if two people meet in the middle oppositely. Partners should turn towards each other and their knees should be at 90 degrees. In addition, the toes should be on the mat and the heel should point towards the ceiling. The partners' chest should point towards each other. If the balance is lost, you can support each other with your hands.

double yoga high lunge pose
Yoga high lunge pose for two

Two Person Yoga Malasana Movement

People should sit back to back with their legs spread out. However, place the hands in the center of the heart and the arms between the elbows and the knees. Knees and elbows should apply strength to each other and the hips should be weighted towards the floor as much as possible.

dual malasana yoga
Malasana yoga for two

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Can Anyone Do Yoga For Two?

You can do any type of yoga they want, regardless of weight and flexibility. Someone who is not flexible at all will stretch their body by doing yoga poses. Individuals who are not satisfied with their weight can do asana yoga practices regularly. loses weight. feeling your muscles body shaping provides. Individuals feel more vigorous and active by taking at least half an hour or twenty minutes a day. Same time power yoga After a while, he quickly enters the difficult yoga poses for two in the active movement. The main thing is not to hold your breath while doing yoga, and to calm down by breathing into congested areas. yoga philosophy It occurs.

Last update 4 November 2021