Unlawful Notice

fitnessdergisi.com has adopted to respect the intellectual and personal rights of the public, business partners and third parties, as well as respecting the law and the law.

In terms of the content created by fitnessdergisi.com members and users, the "hosting provider" defined in the Law No. 5651 on the "Regulation of Broadcasts on the Internet and Fighting Against Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts"; it serves as a "content provider" regarding the content it produces.

fitnessdergisi.com has no obligation to check whether the content created by its users and members is against the law. fitnessdergisi.com has adopted the "WARNING AND REMOVE" method for illegal content and content that is thought to violate the rights of third parties.

Real and legal persons, neighbors or related right holders or professional associations who claim that some content on fitnessdergisi.com violates personal rights, intellectual and industrial rights,

• URL address of the infringing content and the subject of the infringing content,

• If it is a real person, a document showing its identity, if it is a legal person, a chamber registration document, if it is a professional association, a letter of request with the signature of the authorized person,

• Power of attorney if power of attorney is used,

• A document showing that he is entitled to requests for intellectual and industrial rights,

• Full name / title and open contact addresses,

provided that fitnessdergisi.com [email protected] can send notifications to their e-mail address. Requests and complaints reaching this electronic communication address will be examined by the legal service, if deemed necessary, the content subject to violation will be removed from the fitnessdergisi.com system as soon as possible and the addressee will be informed.