HIIT Cardio Training Program and Its Benefits

hiit cardio training program 3
hiit cardio training program 3

Cardio programs, in which we increase and slow down the tempo for a short time, are generally referred to as High-intensity Interval Training in the literature. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). What is HIIT cardio, or what is HIIT? Another answer is that we can say that it is a type of cardio in which the heart rate rises and falls and then rises again. For example; It's like running at a light tempo for 5 minutes and suddenly getting up for a 1-minute sprint and switching to light jogging again. So is HIIT cardio really the best option for fat burning and weight loss? In this article, we will discuss the HIIT cardio training program and its benefits.

HIIT Cardio Training Program Benefits

1. HIIT Burns More Calories

When training HIIT, we get an increasing and decreasing heart rate instead of a steady heart rate as in ordinary cardio. Therefore, the body needs to pump more blood in a short time in HIIT cardio. This allows you to burn more calories than you would during a normal cardio workout. fitness and full body The purpose of HIIT cardio, which is a very good cardio alternative for programs, is actually to maximize our body's calorie and fat burning mechanisms.

2. HIIT Cardio Training Programs Accelerate Weight Loss

Research so far indicates that people who do HIIT cardio burn more fat and lose weight faster. one made in 2019 according to researchThose who exercised HIIT burned almost 30% more fat than those who did moderately intense exercise, such as cycling or running at a steady pace.

3. The Importance of HIIT Cardio in Muscle Development

We said that the pulse that rises with the rapid heartbeat pumps more blood. This situation directly increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and the oxygen capacity of the body. The body's oxygen capacity plays an important role in muscle development. Therefore, when HIIT cardio training programs are combined with weight training, they support muscle development well. (For example: activities such as jumping rope, cycling, running, etc. at slow and fast tempos for 15-20 minutes are among the HIIT cardio training programs.)

4. HIIT Cardio Workouts Lower and Balance Blood Sugar

If you are suffering from high sugar, you can try HIIT training. made in research It has been observed that insulin resistance is stabilized after a while, especially in diabetics who train HIIT.

In summary, HIIT cardio training programs seem to be far ahead of other cardio programs in terms of burning fat and calories. If you planned to do cardio in the gym or outdoors, 15-20 min. We recommend that you do HIIT cardio by running at a high and light pace.

Last updated January 22, 2021