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How Fast Does Eye Allergy Go? How Many Days Do The Symptoms Go?

One of the most common diseases today allergic eye disease does it go away with time? What is an eye allergy and how is it treated? In how many days do the symptoms disappear? In this article Does eye allergy go away with time? You can find the answer to the question.

What is Eye Allergy? What are the symptoms?

The reaction of the human body's immune system to a normally harmless substance is called an allergy. If some allergen substances come into contact with your eyes, a reaction will occur with mast cells in your eyes, histamine and other substances to be secreted against these allergens, and your eyes will become red, itchy or even watery because of this reaction.

What are the symptoms of eye allergy?
What causes eye allergy? How does it go?

Bleeding in the eyes, watering, sensitivity to light, discomfort such as itching, burning and stinging, as well as redness and swelling of the eyelids are the symptoms of eye allergy.

Allergens that cause eye allergies can be found indoors, outdoors and in the air, and some of these allergies are mainly; pollen in plants and trees, dust, dandruff in pets, molds and fumes.

Sometimes, allergens in the eyes can also develop due to perfumes, cosmetics or drugs, and for this reason, people with eye allergies should only use products with natural ingredients, and if possible, they should not use some products. Sometimes, because the ingredients in some eye drops can cause an allergic reaction, people with eye allergies should prefer eye drops that do not contain preservatives.

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How Is Eye Allergy Treated?

As with any disease, early treatment is very important in allergic diseases. If eye allergies are caused by allergens such as pollen, dust or animal dander, patients can protect themselves by staying away from these allergens. They can also protect themselves by avoiding being in a dusty, smoky environment.

Washing the eyes frequently with clean water helps to relieve symptoms caused by an allergic reaction. Likewise, the application of hot and cold water and massages to the eyes also reduce allergic sensitivity. eye allergy Those who are outside can wear a hat or sunglasses that cover their eyes to avoid exposure to allergens.

Allergy in the eye is treated with tear drops, decongestants, oral medications, corticosteroids and immunotherapy injections.

Drug treatment in case of eye allergy

Does Eye Allergy Go Over Time?

Eye allergies pass over time, but may recur. Although eye allergy passes over time, treatment should never be interrupted because it recurs later on. Sometimes in a week, sometimes after weeks. Therefore, the allergy treatment method to be applied by your ophthalmologist will determine the questions such as when does the allergy in the eye go away and in how many days.

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