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How Chest Muscles Develop – Best Practices

When people think of how to develop chest muscles, the first exercise that comes to mind is of course the bench press. But is the bench press really the best choice for your chest-building program? Yes, but we can safely say that most people in the gym are not able to work their chest muscles as they should. If you are determined to develop the chest area correctly and quickly, you need to do the best bench press. Let's talk about how to best develop your upper middle and lower chest muscles.

Hold Dumbbell or Bar Wide Angle

how to develop chest muscle wide grip
Chest muscle develops better with wide grip

Holding the dumbbell or barbell wide increases the stretch in the chest muscles. This, of course, supports the development of the chest muscles by working the muscle fibers better. If you use a closer grip on the bar with your hands, your muscles will develop less than a wide grip.

Take the Weight on the Chest

chest muscle movement
Incline bench press chest muscle building exercise

Make sure to finish your chest movement at or above the nipple level. This increases the activation of the pectoral muscles and to some extent limits the involvement of the triceps muscles. You can go all the way up to the collarbone, but the weight you will use will need to be much lighter than normal.

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Use Your Thumb as a Support

If you are using your thumb to grasp the bar, it means you are not using your hand properly. Because your thumb should be comfortable pushing the bar. You can see the more comfortable and correct grip in the photo below.

bench press correct grip
Chest muscle movement bench press correct grip pose

All these tips contradict what most people do for bench press chest movement. This is because people get the feeling that the more weight the better. These tips will definitely increase your bench press strength and also increase the stress on your chest muscles so that your chest muscles can grow. Remember that the bench press in particular is a great exercise for your chest muscle building program.

Please also note that all these tips put the shoulder in a slightly riskier position than with a traditional bench press. If you have shoulder problems, avoid trying variations of the bench press movement. Even if your shoulders are healthy, be sure to do these variations with lighter and higher reps than a regular straight bench press. This will allow you to get the most benefit from exercise without fear of injury.

Changing your chest muscles program from time to time will make you progress in the short term. For long-term success and muscle gain, you should apply a training and nutrition program suitable for your body type. For this personal trainer You can get support from your fitness trainer.

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Volkan Dinçer, a graduate of Marmara University BESYO, was born in 1992. Volkan, who started sports at a young age, worked as a PT in various fitness centers after graduation and currently continues to work as a personal fitness trainer in a gym.

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