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Who Is Called GOAT in Sports? (Ronaldo vs Messi 🐐)

In Curious Sports “What does GOAT mean?” You can find the answer to the question and the biggest names in the sports world in this article.

The sports world has hosted many famous names over the years. Among these names, there are also athletes whose names are engraved in history, not only with the medals or achievements they have won. Among these athletes, the biggest ones are called “GOAT in Sports”. However, what does GOAT 🐐 mean in Sports? The answer to his question is not fully known by many. In this article, you can learn about the meaning of GOAT, its history and the biggest names in the world of sports.

What Does GOAT Mean in Sports?

GOAT in sport, “The Greatest Of All Time” It is an abbreviation of the initials of the words. mean in Turkish “The Greatest of All Time” means. In the sports world, the term is used to describe the best athletes in history.

The term GOAT in sports was first used for Muhammad Ali in boxing. Later, it started to be used for the legendary name of the tennis world Roger Federer, the legendary name of football Pelé, the legendary name of basketball Michael Jordan and many other athletes. GOAT in sports is determined not only by their achievements, but also by the personalities of the athletes, their leadership qualities and their contributions to the world of sports.

Who is GOAT in Sports?

There are many names among the athletes who have the GOAT title in sports. Here are the biggest names in the sports world:

  1. Muhammed Ali: He is considered one of the greatest names in boxing history. He was defeated only 56 times in 5 matches.
  2. Pele: The legendary football player Pelé has scored over 1.000 goals and won three World Cups.
  3. Michael Jordan: The legendary name of basketball, Michael Jordan, won six NBA championships and broke many records.
  4. Roger Federer: Considered one of the biggest names in the tennis world Roger Federer, He has won 20 Grand Slam tournaments.
  5. Usain Bolt: The legendary name of athletics broke the 100 meters and 200 meters world records.
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi: They are among the best players in the world recently, who have received the title of GOAT in football.
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