What is Fitness? (A to Z Benefits)

What are the fitness benefits?
What is fitness and what are its benefits?

We wanted to talk about what a healthy life cycle means. Fitness is a concept that everyone uses and at the same time it is a word that is confused with the sport of bodybuilding. In particular, it is officially intertwined with the sentence I am lifting weights. How is it actually? In order to understand this, we need to explain what fitness means, what it does, and what its benefits are. Afterwards, it is necessary to reveal the differences between bodybuilding and bodybuilding. So let's get started!

What is Fitness?

What is fitness and what are its benefits?
Benefits of exercising

The dictionary meaning is to be physically healthy and fit. However, this is different for everyone. When we go into a little detail muscle strengthmuscular endurance, body composition We see concepts such as Of course, it also includes features that are not limited to these. For example, mental and mental health and one of them. Regardless of the definition, it should be evaluated within the framework of personal general health.

What Are the Fitness Benefits?

functional fitness It expresses how well we can do the physical activities that we need to do every day. In other words, do you not hurt your back while bending over, and can you lift your bag into the cabin on the plane without much difficulty? Then you have completed some of the most basic links of the functional chain. Hence a good weight loss program By setting goals, you can create a foundation on which you can build. Being stronger, stamina, getting a fit look, most of them are your own goals. When we say what are the 5 main benefits;

  1. lose weight, lose weight
  2. gain muscle, grow
  3. burn fat fast
  4. keep in shape
  5. Healthy lifestyle

Differences Between Fitness and Bodybuilding

differences between bodybuilding and fitness
Differences between bodybuilding and fitness

Everyone wants to do sports and get a fitter look. Fitness is the whole of vital activities such as exercise, healthy eating and rest in order to have a fit body. exercise or training doing is all about fitness, of course. However, it is a more general concept and covers all physical activities to be healthy.

Bodybuilding sport focuses entirely on muscle growth. The content of Fitness, on the other hand, is more health-oriented. Building muscle and healthy muscle structure are also included in the life cycle of fitness. To do fitness, to be healthy, conditioned, durable and stronger is to strive. By lifting weights, you try to meet these goals in the same direction. However, we cannot describe fitness as just lifting weights. sports exercises not only weight training but all other cardiovascular exercises and weight training types.

Cardio Exercises

cardiovascular training cardio- Also known as exercises. They are exercises that make the heart beat fast and are performed at high heart rhythm. Running, swimming, cycling, jumping rope, climbing stairs Developing muscles is not the primary goal in cardiovascular sports exercises such as The main goal of cardio exercises is to protect cardiovascular health. However, it indirectly contributes to muscle growth. In this way, we directly increase muscle development performance. We increase the endurance and condition of the muscles with aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Weight Training

weight training fitness
You can get a fit look by doing weight training.

In weight training, we try to develop our muscles and make them bigger. Therefore body building Our job in sports is to lift more weights. However, we can also enlarge and strengthen our muscles with or without sports equipment. The most important point in bodybuilding is to regularly monitor muscle development. Definitely a strict diet, diet program is also a must.

Fitness Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Bulk ve definition period is one of the most frequently heard concepts by those who are engaged in weight lifting sports. These two periods are the periods of muscle enlargement and then disintegration, respectively. In addition, weight gain, set and rest periods are critical for muscle development, namely hypertrophy. The most known and beneficial exercise movements are compound exercises such as bench press, pull up, squat, deadlift. Because compound movements focus on larger muscle groups. Resting the back, chest and leg muscles is the most effective bodybuilding method.

As a result, our main goal is to have a healthier and fitter body. That's why we choose to answer the question of what is fitness as a sustainable healthy lifestyle! Don't forget to eat a balanced diet while doing sports! We wish everyone a life full of health and sports.

Last updated May 14, 2022