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How to Get Fitness Coaching Certificate? (2023)

As health and sports are increasing day by day, fitness coaching has become a popular profession. On the rapidly increasing demands Turkish Bodybuilding, Fitness and Arm Wrestling Federation (TVGFBF) He regularly offers coaching courses every year. If you get a passing grade in the coaching exams after the basic and practical training given in the courses Fitness Coaching Certificate You may be eligible to receive In addition, those who successfully complete the exam have the legal authority to open a gym or become a fitness trainer – personal trainer (PT) after receiving a fitness coaching certificate. For more detailed information, you can read the rest of the article.

Ways to Be Followed to Obtain a Fitness Coaching Certificate

If you want to become a fitness trainer, there are some steps you need to follow. First of all, we should point out that the training received from institutions that issue sports training certificates, other than TVGFBF, is not sufficient to open a gym. For this reason, if you want to open a sports center and give fitness training as a personal trainer, you should get your certificate from TVGFBF.

You can follow the federation's website to follow the courses opened according to the need and the intensity of the demand and to apply for a fitness coaching certificate. If you do not have a fitness trainer certificate at any level before and you are going to get a trainer certificate for the first time, visit the TVGFBF site. By providing the necessary prerequisites under the name of the 1st Level Fitness Coaching Course, which is opened or will be opened after following the site. course participation application Your structure.

fitness trainer
You can open a gym with a fitness coaching certificate.

Fitness coaching exams and trainings are announced on the Department of Sports Education and TVGFBF website. However, if you fail the exam, you can complete the next course and qualify for a fitness coaching certificate. After completing 1 level fitness coaching course, you can become a level 2, 3 and 4 trainer. Also, the graded grading depends on your experience and development in that field. While the 1st level is the training of the trainers who have no certificate, the 2nd level is the level of the fitness trainers who get this certificate and develop themselves further. In addition, 1-level fitness coaching courses are opened more frequently in big cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, compared to the number of applications.

Requirements for 2023 Fitness Coaching:

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  • be 18 years or older.
  • To be at least a high school graduate.
  • To carry the health conditions (according to the characteristics of the sports branches) determined in the trainer training instruction prepared by the relevant federation.
  • Not to be convicted of the crimes listed in the clause of article 7 of the Trainer Training Regulation.
  • Not to be penalized for more than six months at a time or more than one year in total, provided that it is within the last three years, according to the Sports Disciplinary Regulation and the federations' discipline or punishment instructions.
get a fitness trainer certificate
You can work in gyms as a fitness trainer.

How to Get Fitness Coaching Trainings?

Coaching Basic Training

You should follow TVGFBF's website for basic training dates and application. In addition, the training and examination process takes 90 days in total. Do not think that you missed the application deadline, as training is given four times a year. Therefore, you can apply again for the training that will be opened on a different date. The basic education exams are held in the exam centers of 81 provinces. If you can get a score of 100 or more out of a total of 60 questions in the exam, you will be successful in that branch. In addition, there are 5 different modules in the basic fitness training category:

  1. Sports and Health Sciences
  2. Training and Movement Sciences
  3. Sports Management
  4. Psycho-Social Areas in Sports
  5. Learning and Teaching in Sport

Fitness Coaching Practice Training

Application trainings vary according to the branch and demand. For example; fitness training and the practical training of sports such as mountaineering, climbing and mountain skiing differ from each other. In addition, the levels suitable for each branch and the applications related to them are announced by the federation on the internet address. You will be considered successful if you take the exam and score above 70 in each course in fitness practice training. However, you can get a fitness coaching certificate after you have successfully passed all the trainings.

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Volkan Dinçer, a graduate of Marmara University BESYO, was born in 1992. Volkan, who started sports at a young age, worked as a PT in various fitness centers after graduation and currently continues to work as a personal fitness trainer in a gym.

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