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What Are the Symptoms of High and Low Ferritin?

With the intake of nutrients into the body, iron mineral is very important for the metabolism to work and to be stored according to the needs. Thanks to its protein structure, it also plays a role in the dissolution, storage and release of iron. Therefore, iron plays an important role in the high and low Ferritin levels. The changes that ferritin causes in the body can occur in a clinically noticeable extent. In order to understand such situations, a ferritin blood test is performed and blood values ​​are measured. So what causes the high and low ferritin associated with covid-19? How dangerous is this situation?

What is Low Ferritin?

In a blood test how much ferritin is dangerous? If your ferritin value is below the limit, it is dangerous. Ferritin value In general, it is 20-500 ml/ng in men and 20-200 ml/ng in women. This indicates that your body's iron stores are depleted and that you have an iron deficiency. Moreover low ferritin reviews When we research what is going on, iron deficiency can present a dangerous situation from person to person. low ferritin symptoms;

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Rapid breathing
  • acceleration in heartbeat

If you feel that you are experiencing the above problems, it is useful to see a doctor. To compensate for iron deficiency, you should take vitamin supplements with the advice of a doctor, as well as supplementary foods. Blood transfusion is another option for patients with very serious and life-threatening conditions. It is possible to experience iron deficiency as a result of various diseases. For example; diseases such as ulcers (stomach discomfort) that cause bleeding, or iron deficiency by controlling irregular, heavy menstrual periods decreases.

symptoms of high and low ferritin
Symptoms of high and low ferritin

What Is Ferritin Height?

The excess of iron mineral above the normal value and its storage in the human body can also cause various problems. The iron mineral is especially important for the protein found in hemoglobin cells, which gives blood its red color. The rise of iron in our body is a very dangerous situation. The presence of iron in our body above the normal value brings many symptoms of disease. The reasons for high ferritin are:

  1. Anemia: Anemia, known as a blood disease, unfortunately increases the iron value in the body. The high level of iron is enough to disturb the balance of our body.
  2. Blood transfusion: Having very frequent blood transfusions can increase the amount of iron.
  3. Unconscious use of iron drugs: Unconscious consumption of other drugs that cause iron elevation. You should not use drugs on your own, unless the doctor recommends it.

In order for the iron level to decrease, a doctor's support must be obtained. The treatment will ensure the removal of excess iron in the body. This will greatly reduce the possibility of organ damage caused by excess accumulation of iron in the body. If you ask how to lower ferritin:

Symptoms of low and high ferritin
Symptoms of low and high ferritin
  1. Give blood: Draining the blood in the body can help the iron value reach the limit.
  2. Medication: In this treatment, the iron level should be expected to decrease to normal with the drug taken.
  3. Balanced diet: Elimination of high iron levels should be followed by a balanced diet and C vitamin coincides with limiting its intake. In order to take care of our health, we must eat a balanced diet.

In particular, the height of ferritin came to the agenda again with the covid-19 epidemic. It has been claimed that covid, which does not fall on the agenda and causes us to change our way of life, is associated with the increase in the iron value in the human body. According to this claim, people with high iron value suffer from covid-19. It is also said that the majority of the patients who died had high iron levels in the blood. Cancer, which has not lost its place on the agenda with Covid, is compatible with iron deficiency. It is said that the risk of stomach or colon cancer increases especially in middle and older people. Bleeding caused by tumor causes iron deficiency. In short, there is a very large link between cancer and iron deficiency.

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