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Who is the Famous Psychologist Esra Ezmeci? How old?

Esra Ezmeci, a clinical psychologist who was born in Istanbul, studied at Istanbul Haliç University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, where she completed the Department of Psychology with the first place. She completed her master's degree in clinical psychology from the same university. She later transferred to her PhD in Forensic Sciences. She worked as a clinical psychologist at Istanbul Zeytinburnu Balıklı Greek Hospital after her internship at Istanbul Capa State Hospital Psychiatry Department. She currently specializes in family and couples therapy, schema therapy, cognitive and individual behavioral therapy, play therapy, past clearing therapy, and sexual therapy. serves.

Who is Esra Ezmeci? How old is he?

He was born on August 1, 1986 and is now 36 years old. Esra Ezmeci is a very important name in the field of psychology with her expertise and achievements. She has had positive effects on the lives of many people with her counseling and treatment works. She provides guidance on issues such as coping with addiction, relationship and marital problems, puberty and personal growth. You can live a healthier life and solve your problems by taking advantage of Esra Ezmeci's experience.

Esra Ezmeci works on various subjects such as addiction treatment, family and marriage counseling, adolescent psychology and individual counseling. She has achieved great success with her own past cleansing therapy method. She has also prepared and presented programs on many television channels.

Esra Ezmeci
Who is Esra Ezmeci?

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Esra Ezmeci Individual Counseling Service

Every individual has different needs and goals. Esra Ezmeci provides personalized support with individual counseling services. It helps individuals to know themselves, discover their potential and make progress in their personal development journeys. By working with Ezmeci, you can take steps for a happier and more fulfilling life.

Esra Ezmeci has guided and supported many people with her expertise and rich experience in clinical psychology. She provides services on addiction treatment, family / relationship / marriage counseling, adolescent psychology and individual counseling. own therapy center Therapy UniverseEzmeci aims to help each individual discover their potential and lead a better life.

Esra Ezmeci – Family and Marriage Counseling

Healthy family, relationship and marital relationships are one of the cornerstones of a happy life. Esra Ezmeci provides services in this field as an expert consultant. She offers support in solving problems in relationships, improving communication skills and establishing a healthy relationship. By taking advantage of Ezmeci's experience, you can lay the foundations of healthy relationships.

Esra Ezmeci Books

Esra Ezmeci, who writes on psychology, has five books published by Support Publications. Among his most popular books are;

  • milk stain,
  • Why Didn't You Love Me, Mom?
  • Life Is Beautiful If You Get Up When You Fall,
  • I Decide,
  • Women Like Hot Men Like Cold,
  • As long as you leave a trace


Esra Ezmeci Without Aesthetics and Her Final State

Esra Ezmeci in her former aesthetic and final form;

Esra Ezmeci without aesthetics
Esra Ezmeci without aesthetics is on the left, her new version is on the right
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