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Best Squat Moves! (100% Fat Burning Guaranteed)

Did you know that the squat is one of the most basic fitness exercises? If you want to lose weight fast, burn fat, shape legs and hips, add a squat movement to your training program! You ask why? Because it is one of the best squat movements that tire the leg muscles, which is the largest muscle group, and accelerate the heart rate (maximum fat burning). You just need to learn and practice how to squat correctly. In this article, you will learn about the best squat movements and their benefits, and you will learn how to squat at home, even without weights.

What is Squat?

First of all, let's briefly explain what squat means. In English, squat means squatting. This movement we do by squatting targets the leg muscles and then the core area. It shapes the buttocks very well, as our hip muscles also work during active squats and lifts. Therefore, it is among the best hip shaping exercises. Since we work the core area while doing squats, we have a tighter and flatter stomach, a solid waist and back.

What Are the Benefits of Squat Movement?

It has many scientifically proven benefits. The first benefit, as you can imagine, is the buttocks, upper legs and leg muscles shaping the back. In addition to providing a more fit appearance, when done regularly, it stimulates muscle fibers and secretes testosterone in men. In addition, it is among the favorite exercise movements of women due to the fact that the legs and hips have a tighter appearance.

If you use weights while doing squats, you will get more efficient results. For this reason, we recommend adding weight to your Squat workouts to achieve a more fit look. Continuous repetition of the squat movement, especially the hips, legs and core region It strengthens many regions, including; This increases the mobility significantly. Another effect of squat training is abdominal muscles is over. The abdominal muscles, which play a role in maintaining the balance of the body, are strengthened by contraction. In this way, you can have a tighter and flatter stomach.

How to Do Squat Movements?

If you push your limits excessively in the squat movement, you can get injured. Therefore, before you start working with weights, warm up and do not push your knees too hard. Lift as much weight as you can and work on it. We fitness magazine as training We recommend adding the following squat moves that are most effective to your program. You can squat at home with or without weights or just your body weight!

Correct and Effective Squat Movement

  • When starting the movement, you should stand upright and upright.
  • Spread your legs shoulder-width apart.
  • At this time, your toes should point straight ahead.
  • Look ahead and take a deep breath.
  • Then squat down by pulling your hips out slightly. During this time, you can imagine sitting in a chair.
  • Then you can return to the starting position and do 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

The Most Effective Squats

You can include the best squat movements we have selected for you below into your training program.

Sumo Squat Move

Sumo squat movement

Keep your legs wider than the front squat. While doing sumo squats, the outer leg muscles work more actively. While doing the sumo squat with the bar, pay attention to the neck area, you can get injured with too heavy weights. You can do the movement 3×10 or 12 repetitions.

Goblet Squat Movement

Goblet Squat Movement

Goblet squat

This move is easier to do than other squat moves. With a single dumbbell, you can do 3×12 repetitive squat exercises without straining your neck and back.

Barbell Squat Movement

barbell squat exercise

Barbell squat

It is a movement that you will do with the bar on your back. Pay attention to your neck area while doing barbell squats. You can do 3×12 repetitions with the weight you can lift.

Jump Squat Movement

Jump squat

Jump squat

Although it is easier than other movements, it consumes a lot of effort and calories as you jump and squat without stopping. You can include it in your squat program at home.

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