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Best Back Exercise Names – At Home – No Equipment

Back muscles are one of the largest muscle groups that allow our body to stand upright and carry the central point of gravity. To lead a healthy posture and a life free from back pain strengthening the back muscles and needs to be developed. back muscles It is also an indicator of a strong aesthetic stance in both men and women. Alright back exercises at home Can we develop our back muscles by doing this? Of course yes! So the best back exercises fitness Let's start the series!

What Area Does Back Exercise Work?

First, let's talk about the back muscles in general. In fact, the back muscles consist of several regions:

  • Lat areas from your armpits down to your waist
  • Quadrangular regions in the mid-upper back
  • Muscles that run from our neck to our middle back
  • The muscle group that runs along our spine

The back exercises we have mentioned below include movements that strengthen the back muscles and melt back fat at home. We are also adding the movements you can do in the fitness room to the series of back exercises. First of all, we should warm up our body before starting the movements. You can increase or decrease the number and duration of exercises according to your body strength. Avoid any movement that will injure you for the sake of losing weight and building muscle.

Equipment-Free Back Exercises at Home

1) Superman Back Move

back exercises superman
Superman Back Move

This move is an effective and easy move that works the back muscles. We can do the Superman move at home as 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

  1. Lie facedown on the fitness mat and extend your hands forward.
  2. Then we have to lift our legs, arms and chest from the ground just like Superman.
  3. We should hold in this position for 3-5 seconds.
  4. Then, we should not forget to slowly return to the starting position and exhale while going up and inhale while going down.

2) Forward Look Back Movement

back movement dog movement
Forward Looking Movement on the Mat

This movement, which is very effective for the back, develops and strengthens your hip muscles along with the back muscles.

  1. To start the movement, let's take a position on our mat with our knees and hands on the floor.
  2. Then, while lifting our right foot from the ground and extending it straight backwards, we should extend our left arm forward without breaking the elbow.
  3. After staying in this position for 2-3 seconds, we should slowly move to the starting position.
  4. We should do the same movement in the other arm and leg. We should not forget to exhale while extending the arms and legs, and inhale when getting to the starting position.

3) Bridge Back Exercise (Bridge Move)

The bridge movement works the back muscles and is good for back pain.

This move is perfect for home back exercises! In particular, it effectively works the lower part of our back muscles.

  1. To start the position, we should lie on the mat on our back with our feet on the floor with our knees folded.
  2. Then we should take support from our feet and lift our waist and hips as high as we can from the ground.
  3. Only our head and shoulders should touch the ground.
  4. When our upper body, abdomen and upper legs become a straight line, we should stop for 2-3 seconds and return to the starting position in a slow and controlled manner.

Instrument Back Moves and Their Names

1) Barbell Bent Over Row – Back Traction

Barbell Bent Over Row Move

Row movement is a compound movement that works the whole body. It's a pretty powerful move for back training. The movement works the upper back muscles (rhomboids, lats, and back delts) to help increase fat burning and increase muscle mass. To get started, first:

  1. We need to grasp the barbell with our feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. At this time, we must lift the barbell by keeping our chest up, pulling the shoulders back and looking forward. We have to raise the bar at thigh level.
  3. We should wait 5-10 seconds and return to the starting position in a controlled manner. We should end the movement with a few repetitions.

As the weight on the bar increases, it will force us. For this reason, if you are not dealing with advanced bodybuilding, take care to finish the movement with the weight and repetitions you can lift in order not to get injured. You can also do this move with dumbbells as follows.

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2) Pull-Up Back Movement (Pull-Up)

Pull-up pull-ups are a very effective exercise for the back muscles.

Pull-up pull-ups are one of the best back exercises to have a triangular body and strong back muscles. First, we need to find a suitable place to grab onto a bar and pull ourselves up.

  1. We should hold the pull-up bar with our palms facing forward and our arms wide open.
  2. Our hands should be shoulder-width apart and, exhaling, we should pull ourselves up to the top of the bar.
  3. We should pull the bar towards our chin, and as soon as our arms are parallel to the ground as in the photo, we should descend slowly in a controlled manner and return to the starting position.

3) Lat Pulldown Back Move

Lat pull-down movement

This move, which is similar to pull-ups but is easier and done with a fitness machine, will strengthen our back and waist. First timers should start with low weights. In this way, the risk of injury during sports is eliminated. In detail lat pull down movement You can also read our how-to article!

  1. With the torso upright, we should pull the bar towards our chin by squeezing the shoulder blades towards the hip muscles.
  2. We have to make sure our arms are fully tense and our back muscles tight.
  3. We must then slowly lower the weight to the ground.

4) Dumbell Row (Single Dumbbell Back Traction)

Dumbell Row (Single Dumbbell Back Traction)

Back exercises with dumbbells are among the best back exercises to work our lats. When we work on the two arms separately, we can correct the muscle imbalances in our back area and focus on the weak points.

  1. On a flat bench, we adjust our stance so that our back is parallel to the ground and our elbows are 90 degrees, as in the photo.
  2. First, we put our left knee on the bench and open our other leg to the side.
  3. We take dumbbells from the ground with our free hand and lift the weight in a controlled manner.
  4. Slowly lower the dumbbell back and end the movement within 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

5) For Back TRX Movement

We can strengthen our back muscles with the TRX machine.

This move will give you the right to try to build muscle by burning fat. Rowing will help regulate and strengthen our spine and shoulder balances and correct our posture.

  1. With the TRX trainer, we have to pull our shoulders back to lift our body and work the lats.
  2. We stand for a few seconds with our backs to the ground inclined. After waiting we have to repeat the movement

6) Reverse Cable Crossover

Reverse cable crossover backstroke

The Reverse Cable Crossover movement, named as it is done, is one of the effective exercises that develops the back muscles. It is a movement made by using the movement with reverse cables, that is, diagonally.

  1. We should take the cable coming from the right with the left hand and the cable coming from the left with the right hand.
  2. To begin, our body should be upright, hands up and forward, fists at the junction.
  3. Then we should continue the movement by opening the arms in parallel.

7) Back Rowing Movement

You can work your back with the rowing machine.

The purpose of rowing is to increase the tension of the back muscles and to provide conditioning. It can be done with weight plates as well as with cabled machines. We can continue the movement and the body by loading the weight appropriately.

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