Best Shoulder Exercises for Men & Women!

11 best shoulder exercises
11 best shoulder exercises

When starting fitness, the first thing that comes to mind for men is to reveal their abdominal muscles. Then enlarge and shape the breasts. What about shoulders? The truth is, it's the broad and strong shoulders that make a man look ostentatious from the outside. Larger shoulders also help make the waist appear smaller. After all, nobody wants narrow and weak-looking shoulders, right? We are here with the best shoulder exercises for wider shoulders and trapezius muscles! Below we list the most effective shoulder movements that can be applied during shoulder training for both women and men.

Barbell Overhead Press Exercise

One of the best and effective shoulder exercises is the barbell overhead press. Especially the whole body (see Fig. full body workout), we strongly recommend that you include it in your program.

To strengthen your shoulders, aim to lift the weights up in a two-second lift and lower them in four seconds! Focus on feeling the tension and repeat the movement. (Set: 10-12 reps x 4)

How To Do Barbell Overhead Press Exercise

best shoulder move barbell overhead press

Arnold Press Exercise

The Arnold press exercise is one of the best shoulder exercises. It helps to gain muscle and stabilize the shoulder joint. It is also a very effective shoulder movement in the drop set.

Sit on a bench, if there is a backrest, bring it to the right angle position. Take the weights in your hands and lift the weight above your head to chest level. When you finish the movement, the palm side should be facing you. Be careful not to make the movement too fast. (Set: 10-12 reps x 3)

How To Do Arnold Press Exercise

best shoulder exercise arnold press

Up-right Row Exercise

In the fitness room, bar – z bar is a pulling movement to the chin. It specifically targets and develops your trapezius muscles and the middle and anterior part of the deltoids very well. It is a move that should be done carefully, which may pose a risk of injury.

Hold the bar/z bar close to the body and slightly less than shoulder-width apart. With the back straight, begin the movement to lift the weight towards the chin. Raise your arms to a certain level, feel your shoulders burn. (Set: 10-12 reps x 3)

How To Do Up-right Row Exercise

most effective shoulder exercises upright row

Lateral Raise Exercise

The lateral raise, also known as the lateral raise, is a very effective shoulder exercise for those who want to broaden their shoulders. We strongly recommend that you do the side opening movement, which is one of the best shoulder training movements.

Stand with your back straight and feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the weights with both hands, bend the elbows slightly and lift them to the sides. Doing the movement in the form of more repetitions with lighter weights will develop your shoulder muscles faster. It's also very suitable for the superset with the next front raise. (Set: 12-15 reps x 4)

How To Do Lateral Raise Exercise

lateral raise

Front Raise Exercise

The weight front lift allows you to develop the front of the shoulder. It is a shoulder move that also works the upper chest muscles and the side of the shoulder.

Grab the weights with both hands and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your back straight. Be careful not to bend your torso backwards while performing the exercise. Raise your arms forward parallel to the floor and 90 degrees with your body. For better development of the shoulder, we recommend that you work with lighter weights in more frequent repetitions. It is a shoulder exercise that is very suitable for the superset with the previous lateral raise. (Set: 12-15 reps x 4)

How To Do Front Raise Exercise

front raise shoulder movement

We have provided you with a detailed explanation of the best shoulder exercises that you can apply in your training. Now it's time for the application 🙂 Stay healthy and sports!

Last updated February 26, 2022