List of Healthy and Low-calorie Foods

low calorie foods
low calorie foods

A healthy diet is important at every stage of life. For this, it is not enough just to pay attention to a regular diet and nutrition plan. Healthy low-calorie snacks are also part of the weight loss process. Thanks to these delicious breaks, you can continue to eat without losing weight and burn calories at the same time. Of course, it is important to avoid high-calorie foods here. Especially foods that do not exceed 100 calories are very successful in suppressing hunger and do not cause weight gain. Here are low-calorie foods that you can consume during the day with peace of mind!

Low-calorie foods


On the list of the most popular healthy foods of the 2000s, avocados are in the top three! Avocado is an extremely low calorie and healthy fruit. Moreover, it has a delicious taste and goes well with anything it joins. In addition, after using half of the avocado, you can store the remaining half in the refrigerator for up to two days. The snack you will prepare by spreading a quarter of avocado on whole wheat bread does not exceed 100 calories.


low calorie food
low calorie food yogurt

Healthy low-calorie snacks Yogurt is one of the first products that come to mind when it comes to nutrition and nutrition. Yogurt, which is a rich source of probiotics, is known to facilitate digestion and accelerate metabolism. Thanks to the blueberries to be added to it, it can be naturally sweetened and becomes much more satisfying. Of course, there is also the vitamin dimension. This mixture is very rich in vitamins.


Tomatoes, which can reach almost every second, are among the low-calorie foods. It can be made more delicious with olive oil poured on it. Thanks to this duo, you can eliminate your hunger and consume it with peace of mind due to its low calorie.

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low calorie snack
Low calorie snack almonds

Almost everyone is good with nuts. Nuts that fit everywhere while watching the match, in a conversation environment, or in a gift box prepared for a lover. Well, if we tell you that you can suppress your hunger with nuts, what would you say? We know it doesn't sound very convincing at first, but according to research, most of the nuts are very successful in suppressing hunger. Almond is in this class, but we have bad news. The equivalent of 10 almonds is 100 calories. Therefore, do not exceed the limit.


Low calorie healthy snack It may seem interesting that it is on the list, but the situation is not quite what you think. Studies show that mushrooms have a hunger-soothing feature, and when combined with cheddar, this feature increases even more. Moreover, you are not likely to gain weight due to its low calorie content. To prepare this delicious and satisfying snack, you need 6 mushrooms and a small amount of cheddar. After cleaning the mushrooms, put them on a baking tray, fill it with cheddar and add olive oil and bake in the oven. Afterwards, bon appetit.


low calorie fruit
Banana is one of the low-calorie fruits.

Let's say your stomach is empty and you feel it. If it's the next main meal, it's hours away and you don't want to spoil your diet. This is where the banana, which does not break any diet, comes to your aid. One of the most important features of banana is that it significantly reduces muscle loss. Therefore, you can consume bananas both when hungry and after exercise. Provided, of course, that you do not exceed the limit of one.

If you are wondering which other foods will not make you gain weight, you can watch the video of low-calorie foods below:

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Last updated April 2, 2022