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What is Tooth Wheat? Toothbrush Recipe and Gifts

Teething is proof that the child continues to grow in a healthy way. For this reason, as a ritual that has not changed for years, it is considered worthy of celebration in Turkish society as in other societies. As the harbinger of the baby's first tooth, the parents organize ceremonies such as the celebration of the tooth bulgur, in other words tooth gum, tooth wheat, tooth vaccination. As a traditional belief about the celebration, families prepare tooth wheat and share it with their friends and relatives, with the intention of removing the baby's teeth without difficulty and health, and to ensure that the tooth is healthy. Celebrating the baby's first tooth, which has an important place in the deep-rooted history of Turkish culture, “first tooth party” known as.

When and How to Celebrate a Dentistry Celebration?

Before starting the tooth bulgur party, the first tooth of the baby needs to be seen. From the 4th to the 7th month, babies have their first teeth, so tooth wheat is celebrated in this date range. Tooth wheat celebrations are started when the baby is seen by an outsider, not by his parents or siblings. Therefore, it is imperative that someone outside the household has seen the baby's first tooth.

After the first tooth was noticed by a woman outside the household lot of buckwheat You can start your preparations. Noticing that the baby is teething, the woman presents the baby with a beautiful baby outfit before attending the first teething party. Because the person who realizes that the tooth has come out is a special guest and receiving a gift is considered a ritual.

first tooth celebration tooth wheat
First tooth celebration and new tooth party

In addition to the celebration event, the main purpose of the party is to distribute the toothpaste recipe, which we will share shortly, to the guests. In this gift, certain small gifts (beads, candy, rings, etc.) are hidden in the tooth wheat and those who see it on their plate should buy gifts for the baby. Thus, many needs of the baby are met during gift giving.

At the toothbrush party, the baby is seated on a clean cloth on the floor so that all participants can see it. After the toothpaste is cooked and cooled, some of the tooth ditch is poured over the baby from head to toe. The wheat grains remaining on the baby are then strung on a string and a wish is made for straight teeth, just like the string.

In addition, another element that makes the dental vaccination party fun will be the items that the baby will choose. It is believed that whichever the baby chooses from objects such as books, scissors, syringes and rulers placed around the baby, it is believed that if the baby chooses books, he will be a teacher, if he chooses scissors, he will be a fashion designer, if he chooses a syringe, he will be a nurse/doctor, and if he chooses a ruler, he will be an engineer.

Tooth Wheat Recipe

buckwheat recipe
Toothed wheat is garnished with pomegranate and served in a beautiful bowl.
  • Preparation Time: 15 minutes
  • Cooking Time: 30 minutes


  1. 4 cup of buckwheat
  2. 1 cups chickpeas
  3. fresh pomegranate seeds
  4. Dried fruits (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.)
  5. Various spices (such as cinnamon)
  6. Small gifts for guests (candy, beads, etc.)

Preparation of:

Chickpeas and wheat are soaked in water for 1 night. Then, after washing and salting, it is started to boil with all the ingredients. Then it is divided into bowls and decorated with pomegranate seeds according to your taste. Cinnamon, walnuts, almonds and various candies are served to the guests.

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Tooth Wheat Gifts

Gifts for babies are very important at the new dental party. One of the most important gifts is a teether. During the teething period, as the baby's teeth will itch, there will be an increase in salivation, and usually his chin is therefore always wet. For this, the baby scarf is a very thoughtful baby gift. As toys, rattles that make a sound when shaken, soft toys that chirp when squeezed will attract baby's attention.

If you don't have time or are undecided to choose a gift, you can buy a gift card that fits your budget from a baby products or toy store that is widely available in your city and make a dental gift. If the person you are going to buy is your close friend or relative, you may have a slightly wider choice of gifts. At this point, we can recommend the ilBe instagram account, which we trust very much in baby gifts. (ilbe.tr)

In addition, by clicking on the Hepsiburada products below, you can choose the package you want. You can buy:

tooth wheat gift
Baby gifts for the first tooth with a toothpick



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