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Reveal Your Abs With Crunch Movement!

Crunch is an exercise for core muscle development, especially abdominal muscles. This movement aims to contract and develop the muscles in the waist area, and its benefits are increased when it is usually done together with sit-ups or leg raises.

crunch movement benefits
Crunch movement develops abdominal muscles

How to Crunch

  1. Lie on your back on the floor with your knees at a 90-degree angle on your hips and your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Keep your hands behind your ears or behind your head.
  3. Contract your lower back by slowly raising your head and shoulders with your body in a semi-sitting position.
  4. Then slowly lie down on the floor and get up again without your back touching the ground.
  5. Repeat the movement and keep squeezing your abs.
making the crunch move
Crunch movement

Keep your abs tense and tight as you crunch. Also, make the movement slow and controlled so as not to cause any pain in the neck and lumbar region.

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What Are the Best Crunch Moves?

best crunch move
Which is the best crunch move?

Crunch movement can be done with many different types. We share with you below the most effective types of crunch movements that develop the abdominal muscles best:

  1. Reverse Crunch: This movement is the opposite of the normal crunch movement and works the muscles in the lower back area. To do it, lie down in a supine position and pull your knees towards your hips. Next, work your lower back muscles by raising your hips up.
  2. Oblique Crunch: It works the abdominal muscles. To do it, lie down in a supine position and put one knee on the mat. Next, work your obliques by lifting your lower back to the side.
  3. Hanging Leg Raise: It works the abdominal and leg muscles. Hang on to the bar and work your abs and leg muscles by slowly raising your legs up.
  4. Russian Twist: It works the abdominal and oblique muscles. To do it, be in a semi-sitting position and round your waist to the side to complete the move.
  5. Cable Crunch: To perform the movement, sit on your knees and hold the cable in your hand, attached to the cable weight system. Then, tense your muscles by slowly raising your back and come back to the same position.
  6. Crunch Machine: The machine crunch exercise develops your abdominal muscles by compressing them in a smooth and controlled manner.
Crunch machine is one of the fitness equipment that is used to remove the abdominal muscles.

You can try different types of crunch movements for the abdominal muscles to work different muscle groups in the core area and reveal your abdominal muscles.

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