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What is the Core Region? How Do Core Muscles Develop?

We more or less know what movements we need to do to strengthen our arms, stomach, shoulders and even chest muscles. What about core exercises of unknown importance? In this article, we will talk about where is the core region and why we need to develop the core muscles. So let's get started!

What is the Core Region?

Core muscles work to provide support and stabilize our spine in all physical activities. The core region, on the other hand, is called the center of our body, that is, the entire abdomen, hip and waist region. Core muscles take on the task of transferring the force in our body and prevent us from experiencing unwanted back, hip, knee and neck pain. Your core muscles must work together in symmetry to avoid abnormal movements.

Core Region Muscles

Muscle imbalance means that there is no good balance between muscles that are too tight or loose and those that are weak or strong. In the pelvic region, the hip flexors and lumbar paraspinals are very tense and the gluteal/core muscles are usually weak. A weak lumbar region can result in anterior pelvic tilt, which can cause knee and hip problems. Physiotherapists try to treat muscle imbalances with core exercises. Active relaxation and stretching exercises and soft tissue and joint mobilization are examples of these. Therefore, the core region muscles are very important to prevent sudden injuries and to build a strong muscle. Weak core muscles make you susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain, and muscle injuries. In addition, strengthening the core muscles with core movements helps to improve back pain.

How Do Core Area Muscles Develop?

Core exercises develop the muscles in the waist, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. Thus, we provide better balance and stability in daily fitness and physical activities. In fact, most sports and other physical activities in the corei It depends on the muscles. The stronger the core area, the easier it will be for you to strengthen your other muscles with the force you will get from here. Core exercises that involve the coordinated use of your abdominal, hip and waist/back muscles are considered basic exercises. Therefore, in order to develop core muscles, we need to do core movements such as abdomen, hips, back and waist.

The most effective Core Area Exercises


Plank movement is among the best core exercises. It also works your hips and hamstrings, promotes proper posture and improves balance. (Plank You can learn how to plank correctly and how many calories it burns from our article.)

Place your forearms on the floor with your elbows directly under your shoulders and your hands facing forward, with your arms parallel. Tighten your entire abs, glutes, and tuck your butt slightly below to keep your waist straight. Make sure you don't drop your hips or lift your butt up towards the ceiling. As a core zone move, you can race against time in Plank, there is no time limit. The number of repetitions is until you get tired 🙂

core exercises
Core Area Exercises – Plank

Glute Bridge

Bridge movement is one of the effective movements among core exercises. First, while lying on your back, tighten your lower abs, tighten your hips, and then engage your body. "Bridge Movement" lift your hips off the ground. Hold for as long as you can and slowly return to the starting position.

core zone movements
Core Area Exercises – Glute Bridge

Superman Move

First, lie down comfortably on the floor and stretch your arms and legs. Stay in the elevated position for three seconds, as in the image below, and then slowly lower your hands and feet to the floor.

Core Zone Moves – Superman
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