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How Accurate Is the Chinese Calendar Gender Calculator?

Gender determination in the Chinese calendar is not based on scientific fact, but is known as a superstition. Well 2023 How accurate is the gender calculation according to the Chinese calendar? Even if it is a superstition, the gender of the baby shows us that there is a 70% accuracy rate according to the predictions made with the Chinese calendar. The Chinese calendar is one of the methods they use to satisfy their curiosity about baby gender calculation before ultrasound, especially for couples who want to have a new baby.

For years, the Chinese have estimated baby gender using the gender determination method based on the last menstrual period. According to the Chinese calendar, the baby's gender is calculated according to the age of the mothers and the date of conception. The determination of gender according to the Chinese calendar, although superstitious, has continued for centuries.

How to Calculate Gender in the Chinese Calendar?

Based on the age of the mother and the fertility process, a gender is determined for each month in the Chinese calendar, starting from the age of 18 until the age of 45. Expectant mothers who want to become pregnant can give birth to a baby of the desired gender by choosing the current age and gestational month.

chinese calendar gender calculator
Chinese calendar gender calculator correct?

Chinese Calendar Gender Calculation Chart 2023

Before you start trading for the year 2022 and 2023, you need to know exactly how old you are and in what year you conceived. For example, suppose a woman who wants to become pregnant is 25 years old. Looking at the tables, the months in the table should find the section related to their age. Then, the calculation is made by looking at the month in which pregnancy was conceived in the table. It is thought that if there is intercourse in the months shown with pink color, it will be a girl baby, and when pregnant in the months with blue color, it will be a boy baby.

chinese calendar gender calculation method
2022 2023 Chinese calendar gender calculation chart (Maternal age on the left, pregnancy month on the top)

At the beginning of the pregnancy process, the gender of the baby is not known. However, making predictions according to believed beliefs becomes easier with the Chinese calendar gender calculation table.

How Accurate Is Gender Calculation According to the 2023 Chinese Calendar?

By determining the age of the expectant mother and the date of the last menstrual period chinese calendar A conclusion is reached by making a calculation. In this way, by looking at the calendar, the gender of the baby is predicted whether it will be a girl or a boy. However, scientifically, the Chinese calendar gender calculation method is not a guaranteed gender prediction, and it is not possible to know the baby's gender in advance.

Gender Estimation Calculation Methods

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        • In the Chinese calendar, you select your age on the left hand side and the month you conceived on the top side, and the matching point shows the baby's gender.

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          • When calculating the gender of the Chinese calendar, by looking at the table above, you can make a baby gender prediction by selecting your age from the left side and the month you conceived from the top side.

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