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What Causes Skin Dryness? What Is Good For Dry Skin?

Do you have dry skin? No matter what you do, can't you get rid of the flaking and dryness of the skin? Then this article is for you! One of the most common skin problems today is skin dryness. Dry skin, which occurs due to various reasons, can also pave the way for other skin problems, especially if left untreated. Now let's look at the causes of the dryness problem in the skin, which is called xerosis in the medical field.

Main Causes of Skin Dryness

what causes dry skin why does skin dry
Why does the skin dry? The difference between moist skin and dry skin
  • Age factor: Experts underline that the skin can dry out, especially after the age of 40. As with many skin problems, one of the main causes of dry skin is the age factor.
  • Climate factor: As a result of the researches, it has been determined that individuals living in regions with cold and extremely hot climates may be exposed to dry skin problems.
  • Vitamin Deficiency: Many studies especially Vitamin E It shows that skin problems may occur in its deficiency.
  • Sunlight: Although the sun's rays have benefits for the skin, experts underline that it is not necessary to stay under the sun's rays excessively. Experts state that sun rays have positive effects on the skin as well as negative effects, and in case of prolonged exposure, it can reduce the moisture content of the skin, and as a result, it can cause the skin to dry out.
  • Skin diseases: According to studies, it has been determined that some skin diseases negatively affect the skin moisture level and cause dry skin.
  • Hormonal changes: One of the main causes of dry skin is hormonal changes.
  • Drugs used: It is stated by experts that some drugs cause side effects such as drying the skin. It is known that especially overdose of medicinal drugs can cause skin hardening and other side effects.
  • Job: Among the causes of hardening and flaking on the skin, there is also the occupational factor. For example, it is inevitable that an athlete who has to wait for a long time under the sun's rays will experience the problem of hardening and dryness on the skin.
  • To swim: One of the causes of dry skin is swimming. Because it is stated by experts that the chlorine in the pool can cause negative effects on the moisture level of the skin. This is the reason why swimmers are exposed to skin problems.
how to cure dry skin
How is dryness on the skin?

Skin Dryness Symptoms

  1. Hardening of the skin: Usually the first symptom is skin hardening.
  2. Flaking and peeling: The flaking and peeling conditions that occur after skin hardening often occur together.
  3. Pain and itching: Although pain is usually very rare, itching may be common.
  4. Cracking and grayish ash coloration: It is the cracking of the skin and its turning into a grayish ash color after a while. Although it may rarely turn into a grayish ash color, cracking is one of the main symptoms.

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How Is Skin Dryness Treated?

Dry skin treatment is generally carried out in 2 ways:

  1. Skin Moisturizers: This problem is treated with moisturizing creams that are prescribed and written by the physician and are good for dry skin. Today, the most used treatment method in the treatment of dry skin is moisturizing treatment.
  2. Medicines: Thanks to the drugs applied to balance the moisture level of the skin, skin problems disappear completely.
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Dry Skin Treatment

What Is Good For Skin Dryness?

After presenting information about the main topic of our article, why the skin is dry and what is the dry skin treatment, now what is good for dry skin Let's examine. Let's give information about what needs to be done to prevent this situation. Experts underline that dry skin is a preventable skin problem. Here are the things that should be applied to moisturize the skin:

  1. Avoid hot and cold water
  2. Perfumed and alcohol-free cosmetics should be used
  3. Do not stay in the shower for a long time
  4. Humidifier should be used
  5. Do not stay outside too long in cold weather.
  6. Avoid thirst and drink plenty of water on a daily basis
  7. Cotton silk clothes should be preferred.
  8. Care should be taken that the cleaning products used do not contain dye or perfume additives.

Dermatologists state that skin problems can be prevented if the above practices are followed. If you are experiencing dry skin problem in your daily life, you can get rid of this problem by contacting your dermatologist. We wish you healthy days.

Skin Dryness Scientific Research:

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