Best Neck Exercises (Picture Narration)

neck exercises
Neck straightening and neck hernia exercises

Neck pain is a type of pain that can occur due to different reasons and is not generally taken seriously by the public. Neck pain, which is regarded as 'it will pass in a day or two' in the general public, is in some cases a harbinger of serious diseases such as neck hernia. For this reason, it is best to see a doctor for long-term pain. On the other hand, with neck exercises you can do at home, you can reduce the severity of neck pain or get rid of it completely.

Causes Neck Pain?

Studies have shown that the fact that we spend more time on the phone today significantly increases neck pain. Therefore, spending less time on the phone will help reduce your neck pain. In addition, neck flattening and neck hernia are more common in people working in professions called desk heads among the people. In general, staying in the same position for a long time and limiting the body's mobility are the main causes of neck and back pain. overcome these inconveniences. neck straightening and neck hernia exercises You can come in a short time by applying. The main causes of pain can be listed as follows:

  • Muscle Strain: Excessive use of electronic devices is one of the main causes of neck pain. This causes muscle tension and causes neck pain. We can cite long periods of lying down reading books and using electronic devices as an example.
  • Joint and Cartilage Pains: It is the pain that usually occurs in later ages. The cause of the pain is that the body forms bone extensions due to aging.
  • Various Diseases: Neck pain may develop due to various diseases; such as meningitis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Injuries: In the situation that usually occurs in traffic accidents; head moves backwards and then forwards. This causes soft tissue damage and neck pain occurs.
  • Nerve entrapment: Bone spurs or herniated discs put pressure on nerves radiating from the spinal cord, causing neck pain.

How to Relieve Neck Pain with Neck Exercises?

People suffering from neck pain how to get rid of neck pain He is constantly researching. Generally, the methods known among the public vary on an individual basis. For this, direct and research applications may cause bigger problems. At the same time, the cause of neck pain is also of great importance. In cases where the pain is not caused by trauma or impact, you can try the following applications.

  • Rest
  • Ice or heat application
  • correct your posture
  • Massage
  • Avoiding activities that negatively affect the neck area
  • Massage
  • Exercises

Most of the people who apply to the doctor with the complaint of neck pain are inactive during the day. Therefore, neck muscles become lazy and lose their flexibility. When doctors determine that the problem is caused by this situation, they will tell people what they can do during the day. neck pain exercises they recommend.

Best Neck Exercises (Neck Hernia, Neck Straightening)

The neck region has an extremely sensitive structure. For this reason, neck straightening exercises and neck hernia movements should be carefully selected. On the other hand, you can determine the movements taking into account your own body flexibility and do them at appropriate times during the day. you can neck pain exercises with pictures with the explanation as follows:

Neck Stretching Exercise

neck exercises
Neck stretching movement to the side, right, left, back and forth
  1. You should start the movement while sitting in an upright position on a chair or standing with your shoulders not relaxed.
  2. Your mesh should be closed and your teeth should be loosely touching
  3. Tilt your head back and see the ceiling. When you come to this position, your mouth opens and your teeth loosen.
  4. Try moving your head back a few inches in this position.
  5. Then close your mouth.

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Neck Bend Down Exercise

the act of bowing and relaxing
Bowing and relaxation movement
  1. Put your hands on the floor and get into an all-fours position.
  2. Raise your hips toward the ceiling by bending your toes.
  3. Bend your head by stretching your height.
  4. In this position, make sure that the wrists are parallel to the front of the mat and apply pressure to the floor with the knuckles of the index and thumbs to reduce the pressure on the wrists.
  5. Take three deep breaths and release

Bow Pose Neck Exercises

neck exercise with bow pose
bow posture neck exercise
  1. Lie facedown on the mat.
  2. Bend your knees and bring your heels as close to your hips as possible.
  3. Reach out and grasp your ankles with both hands
  4. Inhale and raise your heels up so that your chest and thighs stay on the mat.
  5. Look forward and move your shoulders away from your ear area.
  6. Do not break this position for 10 breaths.
  7. Return to the starting position and exhale.

Hands Standing Joining Movement

neck stretching exercises
neck stretching exercises
  1. Open your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Lean forward and try to touch the ground without straining yourself.
  3. Reach your toes by bending your knees and grasping your toes, lift them up.
  4. Take three deep breaths when your toes are in line with the wrist folds.

Cat Posture Exercise

neck exercises
forward bending motion
  1. Get on your knees and then take an all-fours position.
  2. In this case, the gaze should be a few inches ahead of the fingertips.
  3. Raise your spine towards the ceiling.
  4. As you move into the cow phase, inhale and lift your pelvis up, keeping your stomach close to the floor.
  5. Then look up at the ceiling, keeping your chin away from your chest, lifting your chin and chest.
  6. Repeat three times.

Last updated March 6, 2022