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How Accurate Is Biological Calendar Gender Calculation? (2024)

Having a baby is one of the greatest sources of happiness for couples. The most curious thing during pregnancy, which is a very exciting process, is the gender of the baby. There are many gender calculation methods such as gender determination, guaranteed and XNUMX% gender determination among the people. But today, the best gender determination calendar used to predict the baby's gender is in a very popular position. With a biologically accurate gender estimation, you can predict your baby's gender based on ancient Chinese traditions. There is no scientific study on whether the biological calendar accurately predicts the baby's gender. But many couples claim that the calculations of this calendar are correct, and it is still used today.

Biological Calendar Gender Calculator 2023

Legend has it that its biological calendar was revealed more than 700 years ago in a royal tomb located near Beijing. But there is another story about the emergence of this calendar. The calendar is said to have been formed during the Chinese Qing Dynasty BC. It is also said to emerge based on the four elements (fire, water, earth and air), methods such as Yin and Yang and Pa Kua.

It is believed that the biological sex calendar table was used by the imperial family during the Qing dynasty. The biological calendar relied upon by this dynasty was used only within the palace and was not open to the public. However, later, with the Boxers Rebellion, this painting was seized by the soldiers and sent to England. The king of England had these documents translated. Later it appeared in Austria. His latest biological painting came to Taiwan and was published in a newspaper and made available to all people.

The biological calendar sex finding technique is to convert the mother's age and the month of conception to the dates in the biological lunar calendar and find these data on the sex finding chart. In this way, you will find out whether your baby will be a boy or a girl according to this calendar. Chinese astrologers say this calendar does a pretty good job of predicting gender. But keep in mind that gender prediction in the Chinese lunar calendar is not scientific, it's an ancient belief.

gender determination by maternal pregnancy date

How Accurate Is the Biological Calendar Gender Determination Method?

Many expectant mothers say that their biological calendar is pretty good at predicting the baby's gender. How accurate is the biological calendar, which has no medical or scientific side? Studies suggest that the biological calendar is up to 93% accurate in predicting the baby's sex, relative to the biological calendar. This calendar is based on the age of the mother and the month in which she became pregnant. In other words, there is no specific time frame to find out the gender of your baby. It does not take much time to learn the result of this calendar, which you can do at any time of pregnancy. But of course, the biological calendar is not scientifically correct. The scientific accuracy of this table, which is not based on science, will be 50%.

How to Find Baby's Gender According to the Biological Calendar?

This calendar estimates the baby's gender by summing the mother's lunar age and the date of conception in the month. Many people argue that this calendar is based on the Gregorian and Western calendar dates. But chinese calendar gender calculator The dates are calculated entirely according to the lunar dates in the biological calendar. But if you don't know the month dates, don't worry!

For example, if you were born before the Chinese new year, such as January 15, you must add two years to your age.
For example, if you were born after the Chinese new year, such as March 10, you must add one year to your age.

What are the 2023 Biological Calendar Start Dates?

  • January 31, 1976 February 18, 1977 February 7, 1978
  • January 28, 1979 February 16, 1980 February 5, 1981
  • January 25, 1982 February 13, 1983 February 2, 1984
  • February 20, 1985 February 9, 1986 February 29, 1987
  • February 17, 1988 February 6, 1989 January 27, 1990
  • February 15, 1991 February 4, 1992 January 23, 1993
  • February 10, 1994 January 31, 1995 February 19, 1996
  • February 7, 1997 January 28, 1998 February 16, 1999
sex calculation table according to the biological calendar
On the left is the maternal age, the above months are the gender calculation table according to the biological calendar as the period when the mother became pregnant. G is shown as girl, B as boy.

How Accurate Is Calculating Sex According to the Biological Calendar?

Scientifically, the sex of the baby depends on the chromosomes in the man's sperm. As a result of the combination of the Y chromosome from the father and the X chromosome from the mother, the sex of the baby becomes a boy, and the sex of the baby is a girl with the X chromosome from the father and the X chromosome from the mother. People who believe in the biological calendar believe that if the dates of the mother and the month of conception are equal, the baby will be a girl, and if the number is odd, the baby will be a boy. But this is not scientifically valid, it is a belief. The Mayans also had same-sex prediction beliefs. Mayan Calendar Gender Calculator Did you know he used the method?

If you want to find out the sex of your baby correctly, you need to go to an obstetrician. If the baby is 20 weeks old, your doctor will check the sex of your baby with the help of an ultrasound. However, ultrasound is effective in revealing the baby's gender until the baby's genital anatomy develops. Therefore, methods of predicting gender based on a myth or belief, such as a biological calendar, should be used for entertainment purposes only. There is always a half chance that the baby will be a boy or a girl.

As we mentioned before, if you want to know the sex of your baby correctly, you need to go to your doctor. Remember, the gender determination calendar has no scientific basis. Also, there is no gender determination calendar in Islam. So use this calendar for entertainment purposes only. Learning gender with your family and friends with the biological calendar will create a very enjoyable time. But do not make serious decisions such as naming or changing the color of the room according to the gender that comes out as a result of the calendar calculation!

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