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The 5 Best Muscle-Building Biceps Moves!

Do you have skinny and weak arms? Don't make a fuss now! Because thanks to the most effective biceps movements you will learn in a very short time, you will have arms like HULK. In this article, we describe the best biceps movement you should do for your arm muscles. Let's move on to the fitness moves that should be done for the best biceps without wasting time.

1. Barbell Curl Biceps Move

The barbell curl is a great move where you can develop your forearm muscles with the straight bar. You can do this either standing or sitting. All you have to do is complete 12 repetitions with the weight you can lift by focusing on your muscles.

barbell curl biceps movement
Barbell curl biceps exercise

2. Rope Curl Biceps Move

Rope curl with the help of rope tightens the biceps muscles tremendously, touching more muscle points. By twisting the rope and squeezing your muscles while doing the movement, you do more damage to the muscle and increase your muscle development. So you can be sure that you will have much faster growing biceps.

rope biceps curl
How to do the rope biceps curl movement?

3. Z Bar Curl Biceps Move

Try to do this movement, for which you provide grip comfort thanks to the Z bar, as slowly and with feeling as possible. If you do the Z bar curl while standing, you can use more weight with the strength you get from your leg muscles. one of the most effective biceps exercises You will have a chance to complete one.

z bar curl biceps move
Z bar curl biceps move

4. Alternate Curl Movement

Between biceps movements, be sure to use the alternate curl movement to activate more areas in the arm muscles and inflate your muscles. training add it to your program.

alternate curl
Alternate biceps curls

5. Hammer Curl Movement

The hammer curl exercise, which is among the most popular biceps movements and is easier to do while standing, is one of the movements that most affect and develop the forearm muscles. Concentrating on the movement with dumbbells will greatly affect your development.

hammer curl biceps move
Hammer curl biceps exercise

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