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What is Beta Alanine? What Does It Do? Possible Side Effects

Beta alanine is an amino acid produced naturally in the body and also found in certain foods such as meat and fish. Popular as other nutritional supplements beta alanine Nowadays, it is especially preferred by athletes. So what makes beta alanine so popular? Beta alanine is fully what does it do? training performanceWhat effects does it have on me? Let's examine together.

What is Beta Alanine? What Does It Do?

The primary purpose of beta-alanine supplementation is to carnosine to increase the amount. Since the amount of carnosine in the muscles is low, beta alanine histidine It combines with carnosine to produce carnosine. Thus, the intracellular buffering capacity is increased and more tolerance is provided to anaerobic activity. With the production of carnosine fatigue during exercise decreases. in the muscles lactic acid growth slows down. The slowing of lactic acid occurs when carnosine acts as a buffer against acid formation during exercise. Apart from this task, by increasing the training volume in resistance training, training performanceincreases it. in elderly people muscular enduranceThere are also studies that show that she cries.

Relationship between performance enhancement and beta alanine use

What is Beta Alanine in?

Beta alanine, which the body cannot produce, essential amino acid It must be taken from outside as a supplement. If it is desired to be taken naturally, beta alanine can be obtained from animal sources, especially poultry. However, most nutrition Scheduledoes not contain enough beta alanine to improve athletic performance. Therefore, professional athletes are required to produce the best beta alanine. supplement as they use. Beta alanine supplements Using it helps increase carnosine levels in the body by up to 80%.

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What Are the Benefits of Beta Alanine?

  • Muscular endurance in athletes, bodybuilders and exercise performanceIncreases
  • Increases the intramuscular storage of carnosine
  • Short explosive exercises builds stamina during
  • Helps muscular endurance for older adults
  • Improve training volume and reduce fatigue during resistance training
  • increased body mass and lean muscle masssupports the formation of

How is Beta Alanine Used?

Athletes can consume beta alanine in the form of 2 g per day. 1 gr beta alanine can be used before and after training.

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Are There Any Side Effects of Beta Alanine?

The side effects and harms of beta alanine have not been done yet, that is, they have not been fully proven. They explained that according to current research, the use of beta alanine can deplete taurine in kidney tissues over time. There is not enough proven information about whether it directly damages the kidneys. In some people, beta alanine causes a tingling sensation. especially new beta alanine users may feel tingling and itching on the skin around the fingers, lips and ears. Like other supplements, beta alanine should be used under the supervision of a doctor.

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