Nutrition and Dietetics Assignment Scores 2021-2022

nutrition and dietetics
Nutrition and Dietetics Assignment Scores

KPSS for university undergraduates nutrition and dietetic assignment We share the dietitian assignment scores in order. You can also find information about the quota, institution name and base score in this article. What about nutrition and dietetics how many points assigned with? Is it difficult to appoint a dietitian and how many points must be obtained from KPSS in order to become a dietitian? Below are the answers to these questions and by years. dietitian appointments 2021-2022 You can find the scoreboard.

With How Many Points Are Nutrition and Dietetics Assigned?

Being a permanent dietitian in the state, undergraduate graduates have to score above 70 in the KPSS exam. However, when we examine the nutrition and dietetic assignment scores in recent years, your base score is at least 90 we see that. This means that there is a lot of competition to be a permanent dietitian. Especially in recent years, as the number of dietitians and graduates increases, it becomes more difficult to appoint a dietitian. public institutions per year. How many dietitians are appointed? If you are asking, we can say that approximately 200 – 300 dietitians have been appointed.

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Nutrition and Dietetic Assignments
Nutrition and Dietetics Graduate

Nutrition and Dietetics Assignment Scores 2021-2022

Company NameQuota Base Points
Nilüfer District Health Directorate – Bursa – Sb-Taşra192,54675
Beşiktaş District Health Directorate – İstanbul – Sb-Taşra192,44176
Ministry of Health Kuşadası State Hospital – Aydın – Sb-Taşra191,94488
Ministry of Health Sbü Istanbul Zeynep Kamil Gynecology and Pediatrics Eah 191,93892
Ministry of Health Batman Regional State Hospital – Batman – Sb-Taşra191,82737
Ministry of Health Kozaklı Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital – Nevşehir191,71046
Ministry of Health Tarsus State Hospital – Mersin – Sb-Taşra191,70032
Ministry of Health Silvan Dr.Yusuf Azizoğlu State Hospital – Diyarbakır 191,59473
Yıldırım District Health Directorate – Bursa – Sb-Taşra191,46112
Payas District Health Directorate – Hatay – Sb-Tashra191,34659
Battalgazi District Health Directorate – Malatya – Sb-Taşra191,33228
Ministry of Health Ereğli State Hospital – Konya – Sb-Tashra191,32631
Central Community Health Center – Kırıkkale – Sb-Taşra191,22133
Bergama District Health Directorate – İzmir – Sb-Taşra191,22013
Ministry of Health Kilis State Hospital – Kilis – Sb-Taşra191,21238
Ministry of Health Rize Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Education and Research191,21238
Karamursel District Health Directorate – Kocaeli – Sb-Taşra191,21178
Ministry of Health Sapanca District State Hospital – Sakarya – Sb-Taşra191,21059
Ministry of Health Elazig Fethi Sekin City Hospital – Elazig – Sb-Tashra191,08831
Araklı District Health Directorate – Trabzon – Sb-Taşra191,08771
Ministry of Health Erbaa State Hospital – Tokat – Sb-Tashra191,08712
Ministry of Health Cinarcik State Hospital – Yalova – SB-Tashra191,08115
Yalvaç District Health Directorate – Isparta – Sb-Tashra191,0734
Ministry of Health İmamoğlu State Hospital – Adana – Sb-Taşra190,98273
Provincial Health Directorate – Şanlıurfa – Sb-Taşra190,98034
Ministry of Health Sbü İstanbul Baltalimanı Metin Sabancı Bone Diseases290,9714
Ministry of Health Serik State Hospital – Antalya – Sb-Taşra190,96901
Central Community Health Center – Gümüşhane – Sb-Taşra190,96841
Ministry of Health Derik State Hospital – Mardin – Sb-Taşra190,96305
Ministry of Health Pazarcık State Hospital – Kahramanmaraş – Sb-Taşra190,96245
Ministry of Health Karaman State Hospital – Karaman – Sb-Taşra190,96185
Terme District Health Directorate – Samsun – Sb-Taşra190,95827
Central Community Health Center – Yozgat – Sb-Taşra190,95827
Biga District Health Directorate – Çanakkale – Sb-Taşra190,85627
Ministry of Health Suruç State Hospital – Şanlıurfa – Sb-Taşra190,85329
Ministry of Health Nizip State Hospital – Gaziantep – Sb-Tashra190,84971
Ministry of Health Sbü Istanbul Bagcilar Training and Research Hospital 190,84971
Ministry of Health Young State Hospital – Bingöl – Sb-Taşra190,84852
Mustafakemalpaşa District Health Directorate – Bursa – Sb-Taşra190,84852
Ministry of Health Bismil State Hospital – Diyarbakır – Sb-Taşra190,84732
Ministry of Health Çerkezköy State Hospital – Tekirdağ – Sb-Taşra190,84673
Soma District Health Directorate – Manisa – Sb-Taşra190,84494
Central Community Health Center – Iğdır – Sb-Taşra190,84375
Ministry of Health Bayat State Hospital – Çorum – Sb-Taşra190,83957
Ministry of Health Aybastı State Hospital – Ordu – Sb-Taşra190,83957
Ministry of Health Kangal State Hospital – Sivas – Sb-Taşra190,83957
Kapaklı District Health Directorate – Tekirdağ – Sb-Taşra190,83838
Devrek District Health Directorate – Zonguldak – Sb-Tashra190,83838
Ministry of Health Kale District State Hospital – Denizli – Sb-Taşra190,8348
Lüleburgaz District Health Directorate – Kırklareli – Sb-Taşra190,8342
Ministry of Health Bodrum State Hospital – Muğla – Sb-Taşra190,83301
Keşan District Health Directorate – Edirne – Sb-Taşra190,83122
Provincial Health Directorate – Bayburt – Sb-Taşra190,83003
Ministry of Health Manyas State Hospital – Balıkesir – Sb-Taşra190,72922
Ministry of Health Karaisalı State Hospital – Adana – Sb-Taşra190,72444
Ministry of Health Erzurum Marshal Çakmak State Hospital – Erzurum – Sb-Tashra190,72146
Ministry of Health Harakani State Hospital – Kars – Sb-Taşra190,72027
Ministry of Health Hizan State Hospital – Bitlis – Sb-Taşra190,71729
Ministry of Health Savsat State Hospital – Artvin – Sb-Tashra190,71252
Ministry of Health Diyadin State Hospital – Ağrı – Sb-Taşra190,70596
Ministry of Health Varto State Hospital – Muş – Sb-Taşra190,61349
Ministry of Health Baykan State Hospital – Siirt – Sb-Taşra190,60753
Ministry of Health Tunceli State Hospital – Tunceli – Sb-Tashra190,60455
Ministry of Health Şemdinli State Hospital – Hakkari – Sb-Tashra190,60037
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