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How Is Low Back Pain Treated? What's Good?

Pain and stiffness in the waist is usually caused by exposure to cold weather when we leave our back wet or damp. It occurs with the contraction of the muscle in the waist and is quite painful. Causes of lower back pain Apart from our carelessness (involuntary sudden movements), it can actually occur after various infectious diseases such as corona or after sexual intercourse. in a sudden movement contraction of muscles while lying down and walking backache occurs. Alright How is back pain gone? And what is good for back pain?

What Causes Low Back Pain?

We often strain our back by lifting heavier loads or doing heavy sports. As a result of these strains, “muscle spasm” occurs and we experience low back pain and abdominal pain hitting the waist.

Herniated disc

Sudden or persistent severe pain occurs in the lumbar region due to reasons such as lifting a heavy load, being overweight, working by bending over for a long time or sitting down. Herniated disc causes pain because it puts pressure on the nerves.


It manifests itself severely with low back pain as a result of tumors occurring in bone, soft tissue or nerves.


It is a condition caused by inflammation of the waist and hip joints. We feel intense burning and pain in the lumbar region.


Serious damage to the spine can occur as a result of injuries such as falls, traffic accidents. This is also seen in elderly individuals whose bone structure has softened. corset for severe back painTreatment methods such as plaster and plaster support the bones and relieve pain.

Bone and Joints

The bone and joint structure that causes low back pain causes consequences such as wear and tear, joint inflammation (arthritis) that come with aging. Back pain during pregnancy and pregnancyPain becomes chronic when the hump is combined with other spinal disorders (scoliosis, spina bifida). can come.

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What Is Good For Low Back Pain?

Pain in our body can sometimes occur as a result of excessive sports. Low back pain makes it very difficult for us to bend over and get up, walking on the road or lying down. In this case, the first thing we need to do is to make a doctor's appointment. Which department to go to for back pain If you ask, you can first make an appointment with an orthopedic or internal medicine specialist. But before going to the hospital hot water to relieve back pain You can try the method. The best method known since ancient times is to buffer the painful area with a hot water bag. The pressure of hot water relaxes the muscles and allows that area to relax. In addition, pain relievers help you to reduce the pain in the lower back for a short time until you go to the doctor.

What is good for back pain?
How does back pain pass, what is good?

How Is Low Back Pain Treated?

  • Exercise: When low back pain begins, it becomes difficult to stand up or move around. However, we can do sports such as short walks, yoga, swimming and fitness to reduce pain. this type low back pain exercises Thanks to this, we relax our lower back muscles and increase the release of the endorphin hormone, which is the natural pain reliever effect of our brain. Thanks to regular sports activities, low back pain caused by weak muscles will be relieved.
  • Stretching Movements: Thanks to the stretching movements, it is possible to alleviate the pain in the waist and back. Stretching movements such as touching the toes, cobra pose, stretching the waist to the left and right reduce the pain in the waist.
  • Wearing Low Heel Shoes: High-heeled shoes are very dangerous for spine and waist health. We put great pressure on our spine by loading the body weight caused by unbalanced postures, and as a result, low back pain occurs. We should prefer low-heeled shoes to get rid of low back pain.
  • Massage: To loosen the lumbar region and distribute the pain, it is specially designed for that region. back pain cream Waist massages will relax you. 

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