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What is BCAA - What Does It Do - How To Use It - Side Effects

In this article, we will talk about what BCAA is, what BCAA does, and what are the benefits of BCAA. You must have heard the word BCAA in conversations in gyms or in the environment of friends. Bodybuilders, in particular, often talk about this supplement. Because there are some benefits of BCAA to the body for muscle building. Our body, which needs proteins for muscle development, converts the amino acids it takes into proteins. BCAA, on the other hand, provides us with the amino acids necessary for muscle gain and increases protein synthesis. In this way, our muscle gain increases, our tissues are renewed faster and more efficiently. Let's look for more detailed answers to questions such as what is BCAA, what does BCAA do, what are the benefits and harms of BCAA in this article.

What is BCAA and What Does It Do?

BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) is a supplement that provides the body with amino acids necessary for muscle gain. It acts as a nitrogen transporter to the muscles for the synthesis of essential amino acids. If these amino acids are leucine, Isoleucine ve Valin We divide it into three. These three amino acids we counted are the most essential amino acids for athletes for muscle repair. With BCAA, we can easily renew the damaged muscle tissues by taking these amino acids into our body in a certain amount. In addition to regenerating muscle tissues, BCAA also increases our sports performance. BCAA taken before training delays fatigue. This gives us the opportunity to train harder and longer.

What is BCAA and what does it do
What is BCAA, what does it do and how is it used?

What are the BCAA Benefits?

After talking about what BCAA does and its definition, let's detail what are the benefits of BCAA. First of all, no matter what sport we are involved in, BCAA benefits are important for our muscle development and repair. At the beginning of these benefits is its effect on muscle pain. As it accelerates muscle repair, we feel less muscle pain thanks to BCAA. In addition, thanks to BCAAs, we can increase the muscle ratio in our body faster, and we can reach our ideal fit body faster.

Another important benefit of BCAA is that it increases protein synthesis without external effects. For example, during a low-calorie diet period, the amount of protein and amino acids you naturally take into your body also decreases. Despite this decrease, BCAA continues to nourish your muscles even during low-calorie periods by providing your body with sufficient protein synthesis.

When Should BCAAs Be Used?

The questions of whether to use BCAAs during sports and when to drink BCAA are quite confusing. For this reason, we should know how often and when to use BCAA's. At this point, unlike some supplements, the use period of BCAA is quite flexible. If we wish, we can increase our muscle performance by taking it just before or during the training. This gives us a more efficient and higher performance workout. BCAA intake after training fills the amino acid stores in the muscles, allowing our muscles to recover faster. In other words, we can easily use BCAA before or after our training. Although BCAAs are used during training, our recommendation would be not to consume any beverage other than water during training.

What is BCAA and how to use it
How to use BCAA, when to drink?

How to Use BCAA

What is BCAA And since we found the answer to the question of how to drink BCAA, let's look for an answer to the question of how to use BCAA.

We can find BCAA in two different forms as supplements. The benefit of BCAA, which we can consume in pill and powder form, does not change according to its form. We can use it in whichever way it is easier for us. When using the pill form, we need to swallow it with plenty of water. We can drink the powder form by dissolving it in a glass of water. Having different flavors makes BCAA a very tasty supplement in addition to its benefits.

Are BCAAs Harmful? Are There Any Side Effects?

Unfortunately, we cannot find much enlightening texts about the harms of BCAA. However, as with everything, we should use BCAA's without exaggeration. Although rare, it can cause problems such as dizziness, weakness and insomnia. ( that excess of everything is harmful, paying attention to your nutrition with the right supplement will get you to the body you want faster. Also, never use food supplements without consulting your doctor. of our website Supplement You can also get information about other supplements by visiting the section.

What Finally Can We Say About BCAA?

We tried to give a qualified answer to the question of what BCAA is for. We talked about the benefits of BCAA, usage periods and how it should be used. It should be known that BCAAs are not only taken as supplements. As athletes, we can get good amounts of BCAAs from the foods we eat, such as soy, fish, eggs, chicken.

Are There Any Side Effects of BCAA?

Problems such as dizziness, headache, insomnia are among the side effects of BCAA, although rare. We do not recommend using BCAAs without consulting your doctor.

Should BCAAs be used before or after exercise?

You can use BCAAs before or after your workout. It supports muscle development by filling the empty amino acid stores in the muscles. It is wrong to take any supplement other than water during sports.

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