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What is Baso? Baso Height – What Does Low Mean?

In this article, we will talk about what is Baso, also known as Baso, and what its height and lowness mean. First of all, we need to know that there are 5 types of white blood cells in our blood. These are Neutrophil, Lymphocyte, Eosinophil, Monocyte and It is basophil. So Baso is also a white blood cell. In addition, the Baso blood test result, which appears in the complete blood count, is one of the most important parameters that show leukocytes, that is, white blood cells. White blood cells, on the other hand, are a protective element of our immune system against foreign substances that may be harmful to our body.

What Should Baso Value Be?

Basophils make up 0.4% – 1% of white blood cells in the blood. Their whole number is less than 200 cells per microliter. Therefore, if you ask what the Baso blood value should be, it should be less than 200 cells. More than 2.000 basophils per microliter can indicate a serious problem. The amount of basophils is absent or rare in normal blood count. It can be seen and obtained as a result of microscopic examination methods such as peripheral smear test.

What Are the Characteristics of Basophils?

What is basophil
What is Basophil? What are the features?
  1. It is the body component that allows allergic reactions to occur.
  2. In case of encountering with a foreign body and living thing, it makes an attack to get rid of harmful substances by causing inflammation in that area.
  3. Because it contains histamine, it allows the blood to flow to the tissues faster.
  4. They fight viruses and parasites.
  5. They are produced in the bone marrow.

What Does Baso High and Low Mean?

In cases such as cancer, or when an inflammatory disease occurs in the body, the baso value rises. More than 2.000 basophil cells per microliter.

In Which Situations Is Baso (Basophyll) Height Observed?

  • Inflammations caused by viruses; It can be increased in diseases such as chickenpox, bronchitis, colds and pneumonia caused by viruses.
  • Hemolytic anemia is known as non-destructive blood. In these diseases, red blood cells are destroyed before they mature. The bone marrow cannot replace the lost red blood cells. As a result, the hemolytic anemia that can be seen causes high values. These immune system problems, genetic factors, infectious diseases, resistance of the body to some drugs and blood transfusions.
  • Hondgin disease (Hondgin Lymphoma) is one of two of the most common types of cancer in the lymph system, which is located in the immune system. As this disease relapses, the immune system's defense power is broken and the value rises.
  • Some bone marrow disorders may be seen. These include Myeloploriferative diseases such as Chronic myeloid anemia, Polycythemia vera and Myelofibrosis.
  • Some inflammatory diseases due to allergic reactions, harmful organisms or genetic structure
  • Failure of the glands to function can cause high blood cells. For example; such as inability of the thyroid glands to do their job well, and the rise of the estrogen hormone.
  • The bite of large parasites such as ticks can increase the value.
bass height and low
What should the baso values ​​be?

In Which Situations Is Low Baso Occur?

As a result of the blood test less than 20 baso cells per microliter. This may be a sign of illness.

Symptoms of low Baso appears for the following reasons.

  • The effects of stress on the immune system.
  • Some types of the disease, which is characterized as a hypersensitivity reaction, a hypersensitivity response, may cause low basophils. It can also occur as a genetic predisposition.
  • some cancer diseases.
  • It may decrease during pregnancy.
  • It may decrease in the consequences of acute infection.
  • Cortisone may affect our immune system by decreasing its value in drug use and severe allergic conditions.
  • The value may decrease in reactions that occur in urticaria, anaphylaxis and drug-related hypersensitivity.
  • With the increase of glucocorticoids, a decrease in basophil value occurs.
  • It can decrease with hyperthyroidism (overwork of the thyroid glands).
  • A decrease may occur during ovulation periods.
  • It can also cause a low level of basophils in the blood, genetically.

How Do Baso Highs and Lows Return to Normal?

We must consult an internist for treatment. Many reasons mentioned above increase or decrease the bass value. When high and low values ​​are seen in the tests, your doctor will determine the cause of the condition and initiate the necessary treatment process for its treatment.

Studies on Basophils

It has been observed in several studies that basophil has an effect on coronary artery disease. Statin therapy has been shown to decrease basophil level and decrease arterial stiffness. There are also studies showing a relationship between histamine released from basophils and atherosclerosis. Therefore, the relationship between basophil and coronary slow flow (CSF) was investigated.

showed that it was significantly higher in patients with CFA compared to the control group. The pathophysiology of CFA is well understood. However, platelet dysfunction, oxidative stress, vasculitides, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis are closely related conditions. Basophils are the lowest rate cells in the circulation with important immunomodulatory properties. Several studies have shown that basophils have an effect on coronary artery disease.

bass values
Studies on basophils.

As a finding, it was understood that there was no significant difference between the mean platelet volume and platelet count between the two groups. However, the amount of basophils in the patient group was higher than the control group. In addition, a weak correlation was detected between basophil count and TIMI frame count.

In addition, no correlation was found between the number of coronary arteries with CFA and the number of basophils. In conclusion, it was observed that patients with CFA had high blood basophil levels. And this height may play a role in the pathogenesis of CYA. A high level of basophils in the blood may indicate the presence of CFA.

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What Causes Basophil (Baso) Low and High?


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