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How to Play Basketball Betting?

The rules of preparing basketball coupons in İddaa are especially important for beginners. Basketball according to many different parameters bet It is possible to prepare the coupon. In addition, the existence of terms and rules similar to football allows a wide audience to easily prepare basketball betting coupons.

General Terms

How to fill out a basketball betting slipTo learn, you must first learn some basic terms. Many of these terms are also widely known from football betting. Some betting terms are specific to basketball:

Match Result (MS)

One of the most bet options in İddaa is the match result. About which team will win the match Bahis Those who want to do so can prepare coupons via MS. MS has two options: Home team (MS1) and away team (MS2). In addition, the odds regarding the match outcome also indicate the probabilities. Accordingly, while the team considered strong has lower odds (e.g. 1.08), the team considered weak has higher odds (e.g. 3.67).

Total Number Over / Under

How to bet on basketball or how the under is, when we look at this type of bet; It is intended to predict the total number of points scored by both teams during the match (including overtime). If the match ends below the specific number of points determined for the match, the "Under" option wins, and if the match ends above the number determined for the match, the "Over" option wins. These are also shown with various ratios. For example, if the “Under is 165,5” in a basketball match, the Under option wins if the total points in the match remain 165 or less. Likewise, it is possible to evaluate the Upper option. Here, the option with a lower rate has a higher probability of winning, and the option with a higher rate has a lower probability of winning.

Handicap Match Result (HMS)

What is basketball betting handicap?, to look at; Handicap means advance in points. The team that is given the handicap advantage is deemed to have started the match ahead by the determined number of points. By taking this number into account, it is tried to predict which team will win at the end of the match. The home team is symbolized as HMS1 and the away team is symbolized as HMS2.

Period Under/Upper

How to play Iddaa basketball, another option is period bets. According to this; There are also Over/Under options for the 1st period, 2nd period, 3rd period and 4th period. Since basketball consists of four periods, Over/Under bets can be prepared specifically for each period (quarter).

Other Basketball Iddaa Betting Options

Basketball betting rules There are also different options for betting. There are also different betting options such as which period will have more points, the first half result, which team will win by how many points. Bettors can also fill their coupons with these options if they wish.

Things to Consider When Placing Basketball Betting

When looking at how to place a basketball bet, coupons are generally filled according to the options above. In addition, it is possible to make decisions by following the teams' current performances, player status, suspended players, home and away forms or sports editors' notes.

About Betting Odds

Bettors also closely follow the odds of the relevant matches when preparing coupons. These rates are shaped according to many factors such as the current strength of the teams, injured and suspended players, and roster changes. Generally, the odds of the team seen as having a higher probability of winning are lower. The team rated as less likely to win has higher odds. In other words, the team shown as less likely to win will earn more if they win. The team with a higher probability of winning has lower odds and earns less.

How to Fill Out Betting Coupon?

Betting can be played through thousands of fixed dealers in 81 provinces. In addition, betting coupons can also be prepared on online platforms. Those who will play at electronic dealers should prepare betting slips on legal, licensed and reliable platforms. Coupons are filled in this way through fixed dealers or virtual dealers. Legal and licensed platforms generally require member login to prepare coupons at virtual dealers, that is, online. In addition, basketball betting coupons can be prepared by going to fixed dealers and filling in the blank coupons.

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