How to Draw Pull Ups? (Tricks)

pull ups
Easier pull-ups

Pull-ups are one of the most basic bodybuilding exercises. Although it works almost all muscle groups, it is a movement that is not preferred much. Because it is very difficult to carry body weight. Although it may seem easy from the outside to pull yourself up from a suspended position, those who can't pull up rather than. if you too horizontal bar i can't shoot If you are one of those, read this article to the end. Because without difficulty how to pull up We will explain the question with a few tricks. Thus, over time, you will be able to do pull-ups easily without any difficulty! However, before that where are the pull-ups, which muscles work We want to talk about this a little bit.

What is Pull Up?

The movement made by pulling the body up to the level of the chin by means of the arms. horizontal bar is called. While doing pull-ups, you have to hold on to the pull-up bar or any iron bar. In order to prevent injuries, you must make sure that the iron you hold on carries you.

those who can't pull up
Those who can't pull up can try hanging out first.

Which Muscles Does the Pull Up Work?

It works all your upper body muscles. Pull-ups especially back ve biceps makes your muscles work harder. If you do pull-ups regularly, you can have a fit body in a short time. a triangular back Do not forget to add the pull-up move to your fitness program. now soon how do you improve pulling barkifs Let's explain step by step.

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How to Draw Pull Ups?

Start Your Training With Pull Ups

If possible, do the pull-up move as the first move in your training program. If you hide it towards the end of the workout, you may not be able to do pull-ups because you will run out of energy.

Try to Hang at the Bar

Easier pull-ups First of all, 1 minute. Try hanging on to the pull-up bar for short periods of time, like Even if you can't do pull-ups for a few weeks or even months, try hanging out and repeat it often.

Try Claw Grip Pull Ups

Instead of grasping your whole hand on the iron bar, try to claw grip by placing your thumb on the bar. In this way, you will be able to pull yourself up more easily without hurting your hand while doing pull-ups. Also, if you're new to pull-ups, you can try a tight grip (your arms are closer together) at first. Remember that wide-angle pull-ups are more difficult, but they work your back and wing muscles more.

pull-up hold
Easy pull up hold

Use the Easy Pull Up Tool

If you are working in the gym, you must: pull-up deviceyou have seen. We strongly recommend using this pull-up machine. Because it balances the weight by adjusting the weights according to your own weight, so you can do pull-ups more easily.

pull-up device
pull-up device

Warm Up Before Pulling Up

As with all workouts, you should warm up before the pull-ups. By warming up without losing energy, you both prevent injuries and do more regular pull-ups.

Strengthen Your Forearm Muscles

Try to strengthen your wrists along with your biceps and forearm muscles. Especially hummer curl Do not forget to include the movement in your fitness program. Moreover wrist and arm strengthening tools it will work too.

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Yes, pull-ups are really not easy! So, are we going to say we can't pull up and give up? No, don't give up! We have just mentioned how to develop it in the easiest and fastest way. Apart from all these, you actually need a certain infrastructure in order to do pull-ups. Especially your biceps (biceps) and forearm muscles should be strong. Beginners to the sport Don't be impatient to do 8-10 pull-ups right away. First, try to strengthen your wrists by strengthening your arm muscles that will pull you up.

We have mentioned a few important tricks above, especially for those who cannot pull up or those who are new to pull ups. Let's not say how to pull the pull-ups and they can't do it anymore! 🙂 However, those who can do pull-ups and those who want to do more pull-ups can work to increase their performance by tying weights to their waist. If you want to do pull-ups regularly, you can do 10 sets of 3 repetitions every other day. Don't forget to rest for 2 minutes between each set and warm up before doing pull-ups.

Last update 6 November 2021