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How to Make Almond Nails? 2023 Trend Nail Models

Stylish and flashy nails are a very important and distinctive detail for women. Today, even a profession group that can make short, long, pointed, patterned and colored, prosthetic, gel, oval, almond nails with artistic nail models has been born. widespread in Turkey. 'nail art studio'It has also become a popular place for women. Here are the most popular nail models of 2023, which bring a new breath to the nail trend. almond nail We prepared images and video content. So how do you get an almond nail cut at home without having to go anywhere to shape your nails? Best oval nail Almond nail making videos with models are now with you.

Almond & Oval Nail Models 2023

1. Pastel Colored Almond Nail

When you apply light and dark brown pastel colors, which are the trend colors of 2023, to your almond nails, you can be sure that they will make you look more elegant 🙂

pastel almond nail model
Pastel colored almond nail model

2. Clear Toggle Color Oval Nails

It is an almond nail model that fits with any color dress, suitable for daily use. To get your nails this color, you have to use two different nail polishes and special nail equipment.

light pink almond nail
Open and transitional color oval nail model

3. Artistic Oval & Almond Nail Model

We recommend this nail model more on special occasions and weddings. However, you can also choose it for daily nail use 🙂

artistic almond nail
Artistic green color almond nail model

4. Pointed Almond Nails

If you like more pointed and longer nails, we can say that this model is for you. A nail model that will match with all your color clothes and accessories.

pointed almond nail model
Pointed and long almond nail

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5. Potquare Patterned Nail Model

We can say that we recommend the patterned poteye nail model to younger women, isn't it very cute? 🙂

potuquare nail model
Potquare nails

6. Light Almond Nails for Dark Skin

Yes, if your skin tone is darker, we definitely recommend you to use light colored nails to make a difference.

nail model for dark skin
Light color nail model for dark skinned people

7. Double Color Simple Pattern Nail

Two-color simple patterned nails are suitable for women of all ages, especially as the nail model of summer and spring months. It is one of the most favorite nail models of women.

double color patterned almond nail
Simple patterned two-color nail model

How to Make Almond Nails?

We have come to the most important part of the nail, how is the almond nail making process? If you intend to make this nail model, you can have an idea by watching the videos below. Also if you are interested in nail art Nuka Nails You can also follow the Instagram page.

youtube video
How to Make Almond Nail Models at Home?
youtube video
Almond & Oval Nail Models Making
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