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Less Weight More Muscle Growth Method

Gym goers have asked themselves the following question at least once: Which is better during training, Too much weight too few reps or too little weight too many reps? So which is the best method? In this article, we explain the principles of weight lifting in bodybuilding in detail! Thus, you will have access to recommendations that will lead you to the most effective muscle building method.

Benefits of Less Weight More Repetitions, More Weight Less Repetitions

Actually, the answer to this question is not so clear. In other words, there is no correct answer and it varies from person to person. It's about your goal, body type, diet, genetics, metabolic rate, hormone levels, exercise history, what you eat during the day, what supplements you take, and much more. So how do you decide which training method is best for you? So do you need to increase the weight or do more reps? Let's find the answers to these questions together!

too many repetitions too little weight too much weight too many reps
more repetitions less weight more weight less reps

Which Method Builds Muscles Better?

In fact, there is only one truth for all of us: to listen to our bodies. He never lies to us! Let's explain this through 5 different examples, respectively:

  • You have been patiently continuing your diet for 2 weeks without breaking it. The body is just about to get used to a low-calorie diet. It is inevitable that you will face a low energy during this time. Therefore, in this period doing more repetitions with lighter weights it may be good for you.
  • If your goal is to look bigger in a shorter time and gain muscle quickly, you are probably in the bulking phase! During the bulk period, you consume more carbohydrates and get more protein and fat. Already this time work with more weight The most logical method!
  • You have an ectomorph, that is, a weak body type and you have just started weight training. Yourself more reps with less weights Forcing you to remove it will increase your development and prevent your risk of injury. patiently and regularly sports nutrition Try to increase your weight and muscle mass with
  • Some days you feel more energetic. For example, when you are at home on the weekend, when you do not go to work and you can do the training at noon. In other words, the days when you can sleep more and rest your muscles the day before. One of the best times to work hard is today. Surprisingly with more weight you will feel you can make regular sets, try and see!
  • For example, you want your shoulder muscles or a more specific muscle group to appear more prominent and more fragmented. Focus entirely on those muscles and more reps with less weight try to remove it. (For example: 5 sets of 15-20 repetitions with 4 kg, lateral raise / side-opening movement)
less repetitions more weights more reps less weight
less repetitions more weights more reps less weight

As a result, weight training more reps with lighter weight or fewer repetitions with more weight is not better than the other. It all depends on your goal and your current fitness, eating habits, etc. relates to many things. Before you decide to work with more weights or do repetitions, you should set your own fitness goals. If you still do not know exactly what to do about it, exercising with an experienced personal trainer / personal trainer will be the right step for you.

Is Overweight Less Repetitions or Lightweight Too Many Repetitions?

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