Are Sodas Harmful?

harms of soda
Are Sodas Harmful?

In the last 10-15 years, consumption of soda has decreased significantly all over the world. The biggest reason for this is that people have become more conscious about acidic drinks and their harms. However, the acid and addictive chemicals in carbonated drinks cause some people to not give up on these drinks. Consuming soda is extremely risky. Addiction also creates incurable diseases for those who are addicted.

Harms of Acidic Drinks

Coke, which is one of the most consumed acidic beverages, etc. Drinks are extremely harmful to bones. The acid it contains causes the density of minerals in the bones to decrease. This causes osteoporosis. Excessive consumption of acidic beverages by children in developmental age will adversely affect their bone development. In addition, the harm of acidic beverages to stomach and dental health is undeniable.

Scientific studies do not reveal optimistic results about consuming soda. Consuming only 2 glasses of carbonated soda a day causes cells to age for 6 years. However, it is also said by experts that it causes early menstruation in girls who are in puberty.

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Fruit Flavored Acidic Drinks

Drinks that contain fruit flavors but are also in the category of acidic beverages, although they look innocent from the outside, are at least as dangerous as cola and other carbonated sodas. At first, people may think that real fruit is used in these drinks. However, the aroma is the fruit flavor obtained by using chemicals in the factory environment. It has been proven that those who consume these drinks begin to develop fatty liver over time. In addition, one of the harms of consuming too much fruit soda is an increased risk of diabetes and diabetes.

It is known by everyone that there is a lot of sugar in sodas. Sugar is actually an addictive food. Excessive sugar content in these drinks can cause a person to become addicted to sugar after a while. However, consuming too much sugar leads us to consume much more sugar. This can lead to hidden diabetes and then type-2 diabetes. Finally, breastfeeding mothers should not drink acidic beverages for the healthy growth of their children.

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Last updated September 20, 2021