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How should arginine be used? Are There Any Side Effects?

Arginine is a widely used supplement for muscle gain, performance and strength gain. It is very popular among those who do fitness and bodybuilding sports, as it increases the production of nitric oxide and activates the growth hormone. Now, let's look at the answers to questions such as how to use arginine, when to take it, what are the benefits, is there any harm?

In Which Foods Is Arginine Found?

When we look at foods containing L-arginine, foods with high protein content such as red meat products, poultry, fish, dairy products and eggs immediately come to the fore. It can also be easily taken from products such as sesame, hazelnut, walnut, almond, pumpkin seed, peanut, grape, chocolate, brown wheat, brown rice. However, since the amount to be taken from these foods will be insufficient especially for individuals who do sports, its use as a supplement gains importance.

use of arginine
How is arginine used?

How should arginine be used?

If we look at the values ​​written in the supplement products with the experience of weight-lifting athletes, it is generally recommended to take 2-3 grams three times a day. The first purchase should be made at noon. This is related to the activation of growth hormone release at noon. If you are going to train, the second intake should be 2-3 grams half an hour before the training. This will make you feel better in training, pump more and get more efficiency out of your training.

When taken as an addition to nutrition before sports, nitric oxide levels will increase and your blood flow will be accelerated by expanding your vessels. Does it remove a lot of asked veinsı Yes, it removes the veins, but in correct use and depending on the sports infrastructure, it will make your veins clear.

Is it harmful to use arginine?
Is it harmful to use arginine?

Arginine Harms and Side Effects

In summary, we can say that it would be correct to take a total of 10 grams in three or two divided doses per day. Although it does not have any known side effects or harm, it can cause diarrhea if taken more than 10 grams at a time. However, do not use it without consulting your doctor. It can lead to a heart attack by interacting with different drugs you use.

When to Take

The best time to use L-arginine supplements is before sports and before going to sleep. The best time to take is just before bedtime, as it triggers growth hormone and increases muscle gain and muscle recovery. If you are not going to train, you can continue to take it that day. The final consumption should be 3-4 grams before going to bed. It is generally recommended to be consumed with water.

As with other supplements, if you have a chronic disease, you should consult your doctor before using arginine.

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