How Effective is the Aristotelian Diet for Weight Loss?

What is the Aristotelian diet?
how to make aristo diet

When we say losing weight, the first method that comes to our mind is diets. It is our desire to lose weight in a short time by always choosing the most effective one among the diets. Aristotle diet, which is done carefully and faithful to the program, aims to reach you in the form you want as soon as possible. In this article, we have discussed the Aristotelian diet in a holistic way with its scientific methods.

What is the Aristotelian Diet?

The most important point of the aristo diet, which allows you to lose weight in a short time, is to do it right. Although it is called a diet, it is actually aimed to be a lifestyle rather than a diet. That's why it's called the Aristotelian diet. The main thing is to maintain that weight after losing weight.

what is the aristo diet menu
Vegetables and fruits in the Aristotelian diet menu

Gluten is completely prohibited in the diet program consisting of raw vegetables and fruits. We must consume fruits and vegetables two days a week and regulate our intestines. Then we need to consume foods such as black cabbage, celery, and banana to regulate our hormones. In this diet, foods that should be avoided and foods that should be eaten are also important. For example; Pasta, sugary fruits, potatoes, carrots, peas, bread (including whole wheat), rice should not be consumed. Now let's talk about how to make aristo diet.

How is the Aristotelian Diet Made?

Eighty percent of the nutrition program of this diet, which will last at least 3 weeks, consists of raw fruits and vegetables. The diet is determined as 3 main meals and 2 snacks a day. There are some rules in this feeding process. These:

  • In order for the body to be cleansed and digest easily, breakfast should be eaten at 08.00:19.30 and dinner at XNUMX at the latest.
  • Apart from the main meal, 2 snacks should not be forgotten.
  • Three main meals should be fed with protein
  • Gluten should not be consumed with meals or with meals.
  • It should be consumed by squeezing a few drops of lemon into warm water half an hour before breakfast in order to cleanse the stomach and accelerate fat burning.
  • At least 2,5 liters of water should be drunk daily.

Aristotelian Diet List

In the Aristotelian diet, as we mentioned before, it is important to stay away from the foods that should be eaten. We have listed them for you. Here is the Aristotelian diet forbidden list:

  • Flour, bread and all pastries
  • All products from oats
  • Candied fruits (watermelon, orange, cherry)
  • cereals containing gluten)
  • Consumption of animal products should be minimized.
  • Packaged products should not be preferred

The list of things to do and consume during the diet:

  • Meals should be tracked.
  • Lots of greens should be consumed.
  • Those with low sugar content should be chosen in fruit consumption.
  • Drink at least 2,5 liters of water per day
  • In order for the diet to be even more effective, 10 thousand steps should be taken during the day.
  • It is based on the purification of body, soul and thoughts, as it not only affects the diet but also the lifestyle.  
aristo diet menu
Diet list

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Is the Aristotelian Diet Healthy?

When done correctly, the aristo diet, which offers an average of 10 kilos loss in 6 days, also offers reliability in terms of health. Thanks to the foods consumed, it cleans the body and does not introduce unhealthy foods into the body. It has a system that does not tire the body together with meal times. This is ideal for a healthy weight loss process.  

Interpretation of Those Who Lose Weight with Aristotle Diet

The biggest problem of people who lost weight by doing different diets before is that they regained the weight they lost. The weight regained after a temporary slimming process makes the body and the individual very tired. As you gain and lose weight constantly, various health problems can occur in the body. Apart from this, there is a problem of self-confidence of the person and the diets. He believes that he can no longer reach the form he wants and that even if he has reached that form, he will go back to his old self. At this point, the difference of the Aristotelian diet emerges. because aristocratic diet It turns into a way of life for people. This prevents regaining of the lost weight.

As the foods consumed during the diet and the meal times turn directly into the lifestyle of the person, it becomes difficult to gain weight again. Those who follow this diet for at least three weeks say that they have entered a permanent weight loss process. They stated that they were very satisfied with the diet by losing up to 2,5 kilos in 18 months.

Last update 26 December 2021