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Lose Weight Fast in 2 Days with Pineapple Diet!

Pineapple, which amazes with its taste and is a powerful detox fruit, helps you both stay in shape and remove the edema in your body. Here's how to make a pineapple diet, nutritional value of pineapple, benefits of 2-day pineapple diet!

Weight Loss with Pineapple Diet

If you add pineapple to your diet and consume it in moderation, you will get plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Thus, you both contribute to general body health and remove unwanted toxins and edema from your body. So how much pineapple should you consume in a day? Does the 2 day pineapple diet lose weight?

Those who lose weight with the pineapple diet
Pineapple diet 2 day detox menu

Pineapple Diet Benefits

Strengthen your immune system

One serving of pineapple contains up to 130% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Hence, this makes it one of the richest natural sources of vitamin c. Thus, it helps you to support your immune system and fight against diseases.

Protect against cancer with pineapple

Pineapple protects you against free radicals. In addition, thanks to the high amount of vitamins and minerals it contains, it can help fight cancer.

improve your digestion

Pineapple, like any other fruit, contains plenty of fiber. Therefore, eating enough pineapple will protect you from:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Blood coagulation
  • Hypertension

Pineapple Nutrition Facts

Nutritive value       100 gr    % Diary *
Calorie 50 kcal 2.5%
Carbohydrate 13 g 4.3%
     Lif 1.3 g 5.4%
Protein 0.5 g 1.2%
Fat 0.1 g 0.3%
     Cholesterol  -  -
Vitamin A 58.0 IU 1.2%
C vitamin 47.8 mg 79.7%
Potassium 109 mg 3.1%
Calcium 13 mg 1.3%
Iron 0.3 mg 1.6%

* These values ​​are based on a diet of 2000 calories per day. 

pineapple diet weight loss
How to make pineapple diet 1 day pineapple diet

How is the Pineapple Diet Made?

For a 1-day pineapple detox, you can consume 2-3 slices alone or by mixing it with low-fat yogurt. As long as you don't overeat pineapple, your diet won't spoil.

Those who lost weight with the 2-day pineapple diet say that they do not eat anything other than pineapple in their comments. However, we want you to know that this is not very healthy. To remind you again, you can lose weight by doing this diet. you can pay. However, this alone is not enough to lose weight. Alright pineapple diet is it good for Yes, because it won't spoil your diet when you add it to your diet list.

In summary, pineapple has many benefits as we mentioned above. However, if we forget that it is rich in sugar and consume too much, we can get undesirable results. That's why it's important to control your portions while consuming. So one portion should fit in a small bowl, about 2 3 slices.

If you drink pineapple juice, you can mix it with other vegetables and fruits to get a powerful and effective detox water. Consuming pineapple, which helps you get rid of unwanted toxins and edema in your body, by combining it with other fruits and squeezing its juice can be a different and delicious way for you that is not boring.

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