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Alkaline Nutrition: Alkaline Foods and pH Balance

The alkaline diet is one of the diets we call "Popular Diets". The purpose of applying an alkaline diet is, in its simplest form, to provide the body's acid-alkaline balance through food. While planning a healthy diet for this purpose, some acidic foods are restricted and the consumption of high alkaline vegetables and fruits is increased.

As it is known, foods are divided into three classes as acid - alkaline - neutral. This nutrient separation also helps us to classify vitamins and minerals. Foods with alkaline properties contain minerals such as magnesium, manganese, iron and potassium. In foods with acidic properties, more phosphorus, copper, sulfur, etc. minerals are included.

What Are Alkaline Foods?

If you want to follow an alkaline diet, you should prepare a diet based on fruits, unsweetened natural fruit juice, vegetables, mineral water, legumes, nuts and seeds. For example; Spinach, carrot, chard, cucumber, cabbage, parsley, celery, garlic, collard greens, avocado, dried beans, okra, chia seeds etc. foods are alkaline foods.

alkaline foods
alkaline foods

Foods Forbidden in Alkaline Diet

Meat, chicken, milk and dairy products, packaged foods, whole grain foods, caffeine, sugar, eggs and alcohol are prohibited. Because they are foods that have acidic properties. Also tea, coffee, honey, jam, marmalade, cocoa, cheese, shellfish, etc. Foods are also acidic.

pH Balance in Our Body

Every part of our body has a different pH value. For example, the stomach is acidic to aid digestion. However, bile and pancreatic fluids are basic to balance stomach acid. In this case, we need to understand that; Our body works synchronously to maintain the acid-alkaline balance.

It should not be forgotten that the effects of the foods that we classify as acid and alkali are different after they enter our body and complete their digestion and absorption. While creating an alkaline diet plan, a diet poor in iron, protein and calcium will be applied in line with the purpose of this diet. can cause serious health problems.

As we often say, the diet is tailored to the individual. In addition, as long as there is no uniform diet or special health problems, restrictions on our diet appear as a health problem. Therefore, as we mentioned, body functions do not work properly as a result of restriction. Because the nutrients we take are insufficient.

There are not many scientific studies advocating the alkaline diet. With this made works do not support each other. Therefore, the correctness of adopting and recommending this diet is open to debate.

Alkaline Nutrition Chart

Food Potential / Renal Acid Load mEq /100g

Alkaline Fruits

Apple -2.2
Apricot -4.8
Black currant -6.5
Lemon juice -2,5
Orange -2.7
Peach -2.4
Pear -2.9
Raisins -2.1
Strawberry -2.2
Watermelon -1.9

Alkaline Vegetables

Asparagus -0.4
Broccoli -1.2
Carrot -4.9
Celery -5.2
Cucumber -0.8
Green beans -3.1
Lettuce -2.5
Potatoes -4.0
Spinach -14.0
Tomato -3.1

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