What is Instrument Pilates? Can We Lose Weight With Reformer?

reformer pilates
What is pilates with equipment

holistic exercise type reformer pilates The most favorite exercise of those who want to shape their body lately! Instrument pilates To move our body on the basic logic rail mechanism in reformer pilates, also known as reformer pilates. Of course, with this, relieving joint and muscle pain and strengthening the muscles. Regular reformer pilates practitioners feel stronger in coordination, balance and flexibility. In addition, reformer pilates makes it easier for the body to get into shape, as it allows the muscles to work more actively compared to mat pilates. Alright wane ve get tight Should people who want to do pilates with equipment? First of all, for the effect of pilates on weight loss with the right reformer movements. what is reformer pilates, benefits Let's explain what they are.

What is Instrument Pilates?

Reformer pilates mechanism was first used to treat the wounded in wars. The number of people who do reformer pilates has increased day by day, thanks to the fact that people accelerate their recovery and feel better. Reformer, also known as instrument pilates, creates the movement mechanism thanks to the springs attached to the walls and beds. Thus, we provide faster change in our body by providing more active effort thanks to the springs. Also, muscular endurance coordination, balance, joint stability are increasing with the reformer.

Pilates movement with reformer
Pilates movement with reformer

The difference of Reformer Pilates from other exercises is that it does not put a load on the joints and does not cause pain. While it provides the activation of the muscles directly in pilates, the injury rate is lower since it does not cause sensitivity in the joints. However, while performing the movements in reformer pilates, the balanced and correct direction of breathing allows to get efficiency from the movements.

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How Is Pilates With Instruments (Reformer) Done?

The Reformer is the version where 100 different exercises are combined under one roof. Reformer pilates machine It can be used in a wide variety of postures. For example, the most basic reformer movements are standing, prone, lying on the back, bar pushing – pulling, head down, side body pushing and pulling. At the same time, in reformer movements, the pilates instructor concentrates on a certain area in each exercise. Thus, we complete our training by getting more efficiency from the reformer studio.

instrumental pilates studio
Working out in reformer pilates studio

What are the Benefits of Instrument Pilates?

If you want to accelerate your fat burning, stretch your body, and get in shape without getting bored, you can do reformer pilates. The number of reformer pilates studios is increasing and attracting attention, as results are obtained in a faster time than other types of exercise. Benefits of reformer pilates We can list it as follows:

  • It effectively relieves pain in the waist, back and shoulder areas of individuals.
  • Of person poor posture Helps to remove and correct posture.
  • Since it has positive effects on bone development, individuals in the developmental age can easily do it.
  • Since it provides movement resistance to the body, you will feel more comfortable and better in daily life.
  • By concentrating on the desired area (eg, abdominal muscle), the person quickly shapes that area.
  • It accelerates fat burning and helps to lose weight in a healthy way by burning more calories.
  • It solves the postpartum belly sagging problem.
  • By preventing sagging in the body, you get a tighter appearance.
  • Reformer pilates teaches proper breathing and the body gets in shape faster as the entire region works at the same time. At the same time, the rhythm of breathing and body harmony is caught.
  • It improves blood circulation and helps reduce stress.

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Instrument Pilates Reformer FAQ

Is Pilates With Equipment Weight Loss?

It helps you lose weight by getting you in shape faster than mat pilates.

Can We Lose Weight With Reformer?

When you do pilates with equipment, your whole body works, it is a holistic exercise.

How to Do Reformer Pilates at Home?

Before you can make it at home, you need to buy a reformer tool. If you have enough space, you can buy a reformer and do pilates at home.

Is Pilates With Equipment Difficult?

If you do not have any sports background, it may be difficult for you at first. However, after a lesson or two, you will feel much more ready.

What is the Difference Between Reformer and Mat Pilates?

The biggest difference is that less load is placed on the neck and joint areas. Thus, injuries are prevented while doing pilates with instruments.

Last updated April 3, 2022