Diet List by 70 Weight

Diet list according to 70 kilosThose who have a weight of 70 kilos should follow a diet according to their weight. Because Diet list according to 70 kilos will be healthier. In this way, it will be possible to lose weight proportionally to weight without experiencing a serious health problem.

Diet List by 70 Weight
Diet List by 70 Weight

When looking at the diet lists, it is made according to age, height and weight. Because it is possible to say that if a diet is made considering these factors, it will be much healthier for the person. It is an issue that should be known for whom the diet list according to 70 kilos is primarily suitable. Accordingly, considering who it is suitable for;

  • Suitable for ages 18 to 60
  • Suitable for people over 70 kg
  • Not a suitable type of diet for those with diabetes

Diet Menu According to 70 Kilos

According to 70 kilos, it is extremely important what to eat in the morning, lunch and evening on the diet menu. For this reason, you need to plan your nutrition correctly. It is important to know what kind of diet will be in order to avoid a possible negative situation.

The diet program should be applied regularly for a month. If you follow the diet regularly for a month, it will be possible to lose 5 kilos. This type of diet should not be done for more than a month. When you apply it regularly for a month, you will notice the physical change.


diet for 70 kilos When we look at the food groups that should be included in the breakfast list on the first day, two spoons of cheese, one boiled egg, 2 walnuts and two cucumbers

Day Lunch

What to have for lunch on the first day is one of the most important issues that should be considered by those who want to lose weight in a healthy way. When looking at what should be at lunch on the first day, up to 6 tablespoons of vegetable food, a glass of buttermilk, green salad can be consumed.

Diet List by 70 Weight
Diet List by 70 Weight


Lettuce salad, chicken or meat dishes, ayran can be consumed. Also suitable for dinner on green leafy vegetables.

How Much Water Should Those Who Are Going On A Diet Under 70 Kg Drink?

The daily water consumption of those who will diet according to 70 kg is also important. Because water consumption while dieting is one of the most frequently asked questions. Therefore, sufficient water consumption must be made.

Along with the diet, at least two liters of water should be consumed in order to burn fat much faster. When there is at least two liters of water consumption, you will start to take a step into the fat burning process much faster.

How Many Kilos Can Be Lost With Diet According to 70 Kg?

How much weight with diet compared to 70 kilos given is extremely important. For this reason, people who will apply this type of diet pay attention to everything to the smallest detail. If you follow the diet according to 70 kilos for a month, then the weight to be lost will be at least 4 kilos. Of course, depending on the body, this situation varies as 5-6 kilos.

How Many Calories Should a 70 Kg Person Take?

A person weighing 70 kilos must maintain a form or create a proper nutrition plan in order not to gain weight. Otherwise, irregular diets will cause rapid weight gain after a while. As a matter of fact, in order to avoid such a situation, it is one of the most important issues that a person weighing 70 kilos should eat in the right proportion. It is possible to say that a person with a weight of 70 kg should take a daily calorie intake between 1400 and 1600.

When the specified amount of calories is exceeded, this time you cannot maintain the form and you start to gain weight. In order to avoid such situations, be sure to consume the foods on the menu proportionally. In particular, it is necessary to consume white and red meat in a balanced way. At the same time, a sufficient Water Consumption is also another important issue.

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